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Photographer profiles

posted Mar 27, 2012, 10:19 AM by Chris Sloan
For our fourth quarter project, you'll help produce and be the subject of a video portrait of a photographer, like what Mark Godfrey does. Think of it as blending your photography into a video narrative, something like your classmate Ben did recently when he photographed his water blur series in Big Cottonwood Canyon and then also created a video of the shoot. The best way to approach this project is to look over your photostream and locate the photos that you're proud of. Some of the kinds of special topics that I'm imagining are you talking about how to shoot good action photos, tips/secrets on how to shoot long exposure, environmental portraits, pets, lighting techniques, nature, wildlife, best new apps, macro, gourmet desserts, and experimental techniques.  Here are the kinds of things that should be in the video:

images needed
  • portrait of photographer
  • images of photographer with equipment
  • a few quality photos taken by photographer

needed from interview of photographer
  • photog talking about photos in general
  • what I think makes a good photograph specifically, while referring to specific photos
  • what I get out of taking photos
  • give some secrets and tips for others
  • what do you want to do with your photos
  • what do you want your photos to do
  • what are some of your favorite photos, and explain