Unspun reading schedule and journal

posted Sep 16, 2015, 2:39 PM by Chris Sloan   [ updated Sep 22, 2015, 11:37 AM ]
Below is the reading schedule and journal assignment for the book Unspun. When you cite examples, try for a mix of commercial and political ones. These journals must be hand-written. Do not hand in typed notes.
  • Mon, 9/21: Introduction and chapter 1
  • Thurs, 9/24: Chapter 2 & 3
  • Mon, 9/28: Chapter 4-6
  • Thurs, 10/1: finish book
  • Fri, 10/2: journal due

Updating Unspun for 2015

Notebook format

  1. Identify the concept

  2. Definition/Description the authors use

  3. Authors’ example

  4. Your own example

Example notebook entry for chapter 2

Warning sign: A story that’s too good

Definition: Approach claims cautiously when they are too dramatic, especially when we want them to be true

Authors’ example: Bellesiles claimed that household gun ownership had been rare in colonial and pre-Civil War America; he falsified data

My example: 60 Minutes Modern Snake Oil Salesman shows that people will believe anything if they want to believe it bad enough. In this case, it’s the cure for ALS.

N.B. The first journal for Unspun was done in class on 9/17. Write a brief paragraph about your initial impressions of the book.