Course Requirements

The Bridge to Biosciences program was designed to provide you with the training and support necessary to be successful both professionally in the field of biotechnology.  The goal of the Bridge’s Internship Program is to help you develop a career in the life sciences.  

This program leads to the first CCSF certificate, the Biotech Lab Assistant Certificate.

Entering the biotech field without a degree in life sciences can be a challenge. Fortunately, in this field, experience is recognized as an asset. 

This program is set-up to make each semester count and prepare you as quickly as possible to work in the field.

There are 2 phases to this program:

·         Phase 1: Classroom training

·         Phase 2: Internship and Job Preparation

Click on the image below for a sketch of the required courses:

First Semester: Classroom Training (Phase 1)

Students who wish to complete an internship the following semester are required to take the following classes (12 units total):

·         BTEC 10: Research Skills for Career opportunities in the Biosciences (2.0 units)

·         BTEC 107: Language Skills for Technicians (3.0 units)

·         BTEC 108A: Practical Mathematics I (3.0 units)

·         BTEC 14A: Biotechnology Laboratory Techniques (2.0 units): teaches the basic skills required to perform well in a biotech research internship or job.

·         BTEC15 : Organizing a Scientific Conference (2.0 units) :  teaches  students how to apply to  internships and organize the Networking Event where they can meet scientists

Second Semester: Internship and Job Preparation (Phase 2)

Program participants generally take the following classes (up to 9 units):

·         BTEC 12A: GLP and GMP Principles (1.0 unit)

·         BTEC 12B: GMP Compliance (1.0 unit)

·         BTEC 14B: Biotechnology Internship Experience (4.0 units)

·         BTEC93: Biotechnology Work Experience (1.0-3.0 units) - no class meetings

·         180-hour internship in local research labs


In order to secure an internship in the local industry through the Internship Program, students must:

-          Successfully complete all the required coursework listed under “Phase 1” above with a minimum of a C

-          Successfully apply to and obtain an internship through the BTEC15 class

-          Obtain a recommendation from their BTEC14A instructor to pursue this internship. This recommendation will be based on academic and personal performance during the first phase of the Internship Program


Start date is on or before February 1st or September 1st.
End date is within 4 weeks of the last day of school (June 30 or Jan 15).
Length: 180 hours minimum*
*Internships may continue beyond the semester end, depending on their start date. 

Weekly schedule is variable, from 15 to 40h/week, with a minimum of 3 half days of 4 hours on site. This does not include transportation. These 3 half days can be consecutive (1 full day and another half day).

Co-requisites: you must be enrolled in BTEC 14B AND BTEC 93 to complete this internship through our program. BTEC14B is mandatory if you plan on applying the Biotech Laboratory Assistant Certificate at CCSF.

Job Search

Students who successfully complete Phase 2 of the program, and obtain positive evaluations from their mentors, will be given access to job opportunities through the program’s professional network. We occasionally receive job postings from lab supervisors familiar with the program, and we will make these postings available to all students who have successfully completed the program and are actively seeking employment.