CCSF BioSymposium - Friday, May 27th 2016, Genentech Hall, UCSF Mission Bay

Featuring Undergraduate Research, Career Exploration, and Networking (formerly Networking Event)
Our Bioscience Symposium is day-long conference organized by enthusiastic students in the nationally-recognized Bridge to Biosciences program, and featuring :
    • A chance to communicate their undergraduate scientific research with scientists and peers.
    • A undergraduate research scientific poster session and competition featuring our students' work at UCSF, USDA, JBEI, Gladstone Institutes, ClearLabs and JFEX.
    • A chance mingle with like-minded professionals, educators and students interested in changing the face of Biotech.
    • An opportunity for "new" Bridge to Bioscience students to share their area of interests with potential mentors.
    • The opportunity for mentors or scientists to meet new internship candidates and discuss their scientific interests.  
    • Student and industry panels to discuss job search, biotechnician workforce training and education.
    • Practice Job Interview Panels to support our students' transition to a life science career or further higher education.
    • Food! Lunch and refreshments will be served for our guests, throughout the day.

About the event:

The CCSF Bioscience Undergraduate Research, Career Exploration and Networking Symposium is a way for our students to learn the importance of showcasing their undergraduate research experience or their internship to scientists. The event is run by Bridge to Biosciences students (Lab Assistant Certificate), and features work from our Bioscience Interns who have worked for at least 180 hours in a lab this semester.

There are numerous opportunities for scientists to get involved in students’ learning and training. Our program exemplifies the deep impact that scientists can have in students’ lives, by teaching and mentoring students in the classroom and in laboratories. 

Our afternoon workshops for graduating interns and alumni in the afternoon, usually has a special focus on finding a job and improving career prospects for our graduates.

If you work in the research laboratories or biotech companies, whether you are a student, technician, administrator, recruiter, we would be delighted to meet you.

Please spread the word!

What our guests had to say:

" What I liked most about the event was the quality of the speakers, and the clear dedication of the students I interviewed and spoke to casually during the poster session."

"It was great to meet with the students both in the interview panel as well as during the poster session.  I liked getting a feel for the capabilities and the range of past life experiences."

"I enjoyed participating as a judge for the poster event. Talking to the students was great. It is great to see their enthusiasm for research."