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Also known as the Bridge to Biotechnology Internship program, this City College of San Francisco program uses a blend of innovative teaching methods, including contextualized teaching, learning communities, problem based-learning, individual support and hands-on training in industry laboratories to train the biotech workforce of tomorrow, today. This program has been chosen by Bio-Link through the NSF-funded Synergy project to be scaled-up at a national level. More information about our program.

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For Scientific Partners: 
“Thank you for allowing Prosetta Bioconformatics to participate in the City College of San Francisco Bridge to Biotech internship program. 

Over the years we have had over a dozen interns through this wonderful program that has as it’s goal to train and expose individuals from varied backgrounds to modern biotechnology.  

Nearly half of the interns we have had from this program have transitioned to employees in the company — and they are among the very best employees we have. 

Recently, one former Bridge intern has been awarded the status of Team Leader based on his superb accomplishments, aptitude, and dedication to our corporate goals, and I expect most of the others to advance in the organization as it grows in the future.  

We have been impressed with the maturity, sincerity, drive, and commitment of the interns we have had, as a group. It has not escaped our notice that the program itself must play a critical role in their development, for our experience to be so off the expected scale positive. 

We look forward with enthusiasm to continuing our relationship with the Bridge to Biotech program in the future."