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1. Apply for admission to City College of SF ▶︎

2. Choose the program below that suits your interests and matches your background.  Talk to one of the Program Coordinators or our counselor to help decide - see contact info below. 

3. Find your classes in the schedule ▶︎  and register.  Search for "biotechnology" in the schedule.

 Training options for students with a science background

These programs require previous college courses in biology and chemistry.  Follow the links below for more information.

A comprehensive course of study leading to an Associate of Science degree in biotechnology.

Courses of study leading to certificates of achievement.  Options for those interested in research or a career in biomanufacturing. 
Short courses provide training in basic biotechnology methods. 

Internship opportunities ▶︎

Enter the biotechnology field with no science background

Request info on Bridge to Biosciences

Bridge to Biosciences program - A unique program intended for students with little or no background in biology and chemistry.  

This program provides an entry into the biosciences for students new to science.  Students receive training in basic laboratory skills as well as the math and language needed in to work in the biotechnology field.   Students also receive training in career and job search skills tailored to the biotechnology industry.

Internship opportunities ▶︎