Biotechnology Lab Assistant - Bridge to Biosciences Program

Program description

Over the past several years the biotech industry has grown tremendously and this has generated an increasing number of entry-level positions. In turn there is now a large demand for workers who are qualified for these positions. The Biotechnology Lab Assistant Certificate is an entryway program designed to give a rigorous and engaging introduction to the biosciences while strengthening the math and language skills needed for success in these entry-level positions. Our one-year Laboratory Assistant Certificate will prepare students for jobs as media prep technicians, laboratory aids or laboratory safety monitors. No previous experience or coursework in science is necessary, and you will gain valuable work experience in an internship as a lab assistant.

The Bridge to Biotechnology Program is the core of this certificate and successfully prepares students for more rigorous college level coursework; it consists of three courses that form a learning community and must be taken together: BTEC 10, Research Skills for Career Opportunities in Biology; BTEC108A, Practical Math; and BTEC 107 Language Skills for Tech. The Bridge Program is offered at the Mission and Southeast Campuses. 


The program includes a successful internship program which trains students for lab assistant and lab technician positions, with a strong emphasis on technical expertise through project-based learning.This wouldn’t be possible without the help of our mentoring scientists at some wonderful biotech companies, like Prosetta, Bionovo, Cel Analytical as well as UCSF and USDA, who have trusted our interns’ potential and given them a chance to prove themselves in the lab.

The Bridge to Biosciences Blog

Hear from current and former students about their experiences in the Bridge to Biosciences program.


Units First semester

BTEC 10         Research Skills for Career Opp. in Biology        2 units

BTEC 108A     Practical Mathematics I                                            3

BTEC 107       Language Skills for Technicians                              3

BTEC14A        BiotechnologyLaboratoryTechniques                 2

BTEC 15           Organizing a Scientific Conference                       2


Second semester

BTEC 12A       GLP and GMP Principles                                          1

BTEC 12B       GMP Compliance                                                         1

BTEC 14B       Biotechnology Internship                                        4

BTEC 93         Biotechnology Work Experience                       1-3

Total units                                                                    21