The Biotechnology Program at City College

The Biotechnology Program of the Department of Engineering and Technology at City College of San Francisco trains a diverse group of students for careers as technicians and lab assistants in companies and academic institutions of the San Francisco Bay Area.  The program has options for students with a background in biology and for those new to science. Get started here

May 22, 2015: The CCSF BioSymposium - come meet professionals, educators and students interested in changing the face of Biotechnology. 

Stem Cell Internship Program - competitive program places students in 9-month, paid internships at local research laboratories

 Upcoming information sessions

Monday, May 4th5-6pmMission Campus (1125 Valencia St.) Room 274

Tuesday, May 5th, 11am-12pm, Ocean Campus (50 Phelan Ave.) Science Hall, Room 133

Getting Started

Biotech companies in the Bay Area

Biotech program videos

Biotech Careers
What can you do with a biotech degree or certificate  from City College of SF?  Explore Biotech careers at the Bio-Link Career site.  Click here

For more information about the Biotechnology Program contact the program counselor or one of the coordinators listed below.  You can also c
ome by the Biotechnology Program office in Room S254 in Science Hall.

Dr. Edith Kaeuper

Tel: (415) 239-3627

Tel: (415) 239-3857 


Dr. Robert Del Vecchio
 Tel: (415) 239-3096

Biotechnology Program Counselor
Tel: (415) 452-5403

Check here for a full list of the Biotechnology program faculty

City College of San Francisco is home to Bio-Link, a national organization that enhances biotechnology education through professional development and sharing of information with educators, students, and industry.  Bio-Link is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.   


The Bridge's Blog

Hear from students about their experiences in the Bridge to Bioscience program