On behalf of the staff and administration, I welcome you to Cuba City School District.  We are very excited to have you as part of the school, and look forward to learning and growing with you as an educator.  As a new staff member, you will be faced with many changes.  We will strive to help you through those trying times using the current mentoring program which has been active since 2010.  The mentoring program consists of a mentor, mentee, mentor coordinator, and this web site.  This website is a tool for mentees and mentors to use to find tools to help face daily challenges.

If you are in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to call 744-8888 X 1225, or email me, Stacey Balbach, Mentoring Program Director.

Last Updated: 8/14/2017


Are you Ready?   Here are some common items that occur at this time of the year:

  • How to model PBIS with students
  • Sub Binder
  • Student Schedule
  • Lesson Plans and Activities
  • Seating Charts
  • Emergency Protocol
  • Basic Rules and Procedures
  • Method of Data Collection for standards, behaviors, and needs