Energy Committee Meeting

CHARLOTTE BOARD OF SCHOOL DIRECTORS                                 June 30, 2009

Special Meeting with Charlotte Energy Committee, 7pm


In attendance:  Asst. Chair Jaunich, Dirs. Luce and Thibault,  Head Custodian Dave LeBlanc, Lee Dore, Rani Phillips, Chris Wheeler, Suzy Hodgson, Anne Bijur, Hans O’Hanian, Jennifer Ciodo, Kristen Wright, Nancy Wood, Jenny Cole, Michelle Lucssier, Stephanie_____


1.0    Discussion Matters

·         Members of the board met with their architect and members of the Charlotte Energy Committee for a walk thru of the planned CCS renovation and to answer their questions.   In addition, the board and architect outlined the process to date of determining priorities for renovation and potential funding sources, including stimulus funds. 

·         The Charlotte Energy Committee asked specifics regarding increasing the scope of the project to potentially recoup costs through future energy savings.  Dir. Jaunich stated that given the number of significant repairs needed to ensure school safety, as well as the economic climate, the board decided that they could support going to the town for a bond to cover the costs associated with Option 1, the Bare Necessities approach. Lee Dore stated that the improvements in the 49 building will significantly impact the energy efficiency of the school, as well as lay the ground work for future improvements throughout the school. 

·         One member of the committee asked why unit ventilators were being considered vs. a heat recovery unit.  It was later clarified by Lee Dore and Chris Wheeler that a heat recovery unit was identified for the 49 building, but that the structure of the 1969 building would make a heat recovery unit impractical.  Lee Dore will get further details regarding the mechanical system for the 49 building. 

·         A member of the committee stated that she projected oil costs to go to $9/gallon in the future. 

·         Many members of the committee asked about life-cycle cost analysis, and cash flow analysis.  Dir Jaunich stated that there was no money available to carry out such analysis prior to having the architectural drawings done, which could only happen after the bond is approved.  Norm Elkind from the School Energy Management Program will be at CCS on July 21, 2009 to walk through the school and will work with Efficiency Vermont to develop an initial analysis, at no cost. 

2.0    Adjournment

·          The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.



Respectfully Submitted,

Lynne Jaunich

Board Clerk