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Welcome to the Fall End of Season CCSA Tournament.

Please read this entire cover letter.  

Any teams not appearing at their assigned game time will receive a forfeit. 


There are over _ _ games being played in several locations over two weekends and your help is needed in keeping these games on time. Coaches take advantage of any open area to stretch out your players before game time. Don’t count on being able to take shots on goal as part of your pre-game warm up. All games will begin on time unless a previous game is still in progress. Games scheduled late on each playing day may start a few minutes early when possible so these games will be completed before dusk.  A five-minute grace period is allowed if a team does not have the minimum number of players to begin. If the team has the minimum allowed, the game will start on time.


Time is of the essence so please be considerate and do the following for all concerned:
  1. Have your team checked in by the Field Marshall at least 10 minutes before game time.  During this time, Field Marshals are to be recording players information on the appropriate worksheet.
  2. Both teams meet at midfield for equipment check and addressing of teams by referees.
  3. When your game is over clear the field immediately. Tunnels and huddle off field.

No game will be rescheduled unless the fields have been shut down for inclement weather. The Tournament Director with the help of the Tournament Committee will do any rescheduling. The tournament schedule and referee availability are the determining factors for rescheduling, not the personal desires of each team. Be flexible. Your game may be bumped to a different time slot or possible field location if rescheduling occurs. This will only be done if you are playing a team that has had to be rescheduled for that day to allow a recovery period before playing a second game in the same day.


**Field Marshals**

Coaches are responsible to see that an adult representative is present at the field and checks in properly at the concession stand to handle field marshal duties for their team. Each team will provide a field marshal to monitor playing time of the opposing team’s players DURING THEIR CHILDS GAME. The field marshal should bring a chair and may sit or stand behind the sub box where they can both watch the game and record the opponent’s substitutions. They are NOT there to HELP COACH!  All players are to play at least half of each game. 

Forfeiture of games is strongly discouraged. Any team intentionally forfeiting a game by not showing up at game time will be banned from the tournament the following year.