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1) Please remember that you are tracking playing time for the opposing team and are at the field as an observer in the event of any controversy in regards to such time.  Also remember that you are not to intervene concerning any on-field issues. It is the referees’ job to manage the game.


2) Please arrive early enough to get the clipboard and/or worksheet from the concession stand and be ready for player check-in. This is to be performed by the field
marshals and referees and is to occur 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game. (Off the field)


3) After recording player information, please be sure to double-check that only rostered coaches are on the player side.  IF a coach is not on the roster, please politely ask them to view the game from the parent/spectator side of the field.


4) Next have the referees check in the players and their equipment.


5) Prior to beginning of the 4th quarter (or equivalent of that in U14 games) the coaches and referees are to be notified of any players who still need their required playing time. Players MUST play a minimum of ½ the game. Playing time recorded by the Field Marshal is NOT disputable. Thus, a coach must play/substitute noted player(s) into the game.

 One final reminder is to remind coaches of the coaches box/lines, which they are expected to observe.

*Please do as much as possible to ensure that ALL games start on time.