The OSYSA Board of Directors has approved a change to the Risk Management Program. OSYSA Risk Management Certification will now expire on June 30th of each year effective immediately. If you are planning on submitting an application for an upcoming event in June please be aware that certification will expire June 30th of 2013. If applicable you may wait until July 1 to do so. Any certification that was completed prior to Jul 1, 2013 will have to be re-submitted.

If you have completed a risk management form in the past you most likely have been uploaded into the Affinity system and already have an account. To find out if you have an account click on the link below and click on forgot password.
How do I check my Risk Management Status?
Click here to log on to your account and check your Risk Management Status
If you are a new coach, admin or referee you will need to click on the link below to create an account. If your risk management certification has expired you need to click on the link below to update your background check.
How do I create an account, log in and complete my risk management?
Click here to create an account or to log on to your account to complete your Risk Management Application
*Please note you will need to use your legal name*
(If your Risk Management qualification has expired or has no expiration date click on the link above)

Attention Referees: For Member League Code, look for the following choices in the drop down menu in the Risk Management Clearance Form (Rather than selecting your Member League):
District 1 Referee, District 2 Referee, District 3 Referee, District 4 Referee, District 5 Referee
Referees may also view this instructional video for more detailed instruction.
If for any reason you experience a problem with one of our systems please contact the OSYSA State Office or Affinity Sports so we may better serve you!
You can reach us at:
OSYSA (513) 576-9555 or toll free 1-800-267-9721
Affinity 1-800-808-7195