Bomberman Online

Setting Up a Multiplayer Game

    We made this page to help you setting up your multiplayer game in Bomberman Online for Android.

Multiplayer Screen

    First of all you need to choose between Wifi or Bluetooth connection.  

Wifi ( 3G also works on public games)  

    If you choose Wifi, you decide which protocol to use. We highly recommend TCP to avoid any packet loss. Everyone that will be involved in the multiplayer match, should choose the same protocol.
    Then you choose your role. You can choose "Server" to host a server and wait for someone to connect to you, or you can choose "Client" and connect immediately to an existent server.
    A dialog will query you to choose if you want to play a public or private game:
    Choose "Public" if you want to play with anyone around the world (be aware of bad connections!) or "Private" if you want to play with a friend which is connected to the same network.
  • I want to play locally with my friends (private)

    In this case you must ensure that all the devices which will be involved in the multiplayer match are connected to the same network!

    If your local network is crappy, the connection will not be stable. If this is your case, you should try Bluetooth connection or you can create a wifi hotspot if your device lets you do it. As soon as the server starts, a screen will be presented showing the IP and Port that the client needs to know: 

    Now the client device just needs to connect to that IP and Port:
  • I want to play with anyone around the world! (public)

        (This feature is still in early development so be aware that problems might happen)
    This way, as soon as you start the match, you will be automatically matched with someone that might be located far away from you. First of all you need to be aware that the other people might have faulty connections or the latency can be so high that the game gets unplayable. Also, it can take some time to match you with someone... You just need to wait patiently.  If you choose to be the Client and you wait too much time, maybe there is no one registered as a Server... Why don't you try that role? We recommend you using 3G network when you register as a Server!
    If you are connected to the Internet by a router and you want to be the Server, you need to do what's called port forwarding. Basically you need to open a port on your router that will let incoming connections get to you. This is very similar to how you do it for uTorrent... but instead of opening the uTorrent port, you will open the port that you choose in the textbox ( default 5005 ) . For a guide on how to do it for uTorrent go to , choose your router from the list, skip the advertisement and you will learn how to configure it. Just make sure you open the same port you want to use for the Server!!!              


    So you want Bluetooth connection? It's great for fast 1vs1 matches with your friends! But first of all you need to ensure that your devices are paired.
  • Pairing both devices 

    You can pair both devices in your device Settings in the "Bluetooth Settings" ( which you can find in "Wireless & network settings" menu ). Make sure both devices to be paired are visible/discoverable and, after scanning, the other device will show up in the list. As of Android 2.3 you just need to press the device in the list to start pairing.
  • Successfully connecting

    Ok so now you have your device paired with you friend's device and you are ready to start.
    Back in the game, one of the devices will be the Server and other will be the Client (choose these roles, one for each device) .
    • Being the Server

    If you are the Server you shall continue configuring the match. When it is ready and waiting for clients, this screen should be presented:
    •  Being the Client

      If you are the Client you choose which Server to connect to in the Server list that you can find below "Role" (only paired devices will be shown!).
    Then, if the Server is already waiting for clients, you just need to press "Next" and let's go on to playing! The Server will detect that a Client is connecting and the match will start right away. Have fun :) 
Thank you for playing Bomberman Online.