Equipment is available upon contacting a CCR Investigator for training and availability.

The IonOptix imaging system offers a fast real-time, turnkey system for recording myocyte calcium and contractility, with simultaneous acquisition of fluorescence photometry and digital cell geometry measurements.

Contact: Dr. Matsui


Typhoon™ 9410 Variable Mode Imager unites proven storage phosphor autoradiography technology with four-color, non-radioactive fluorescent labeling techniques. For DNA, RNA, and protein samples, choose from: storage phosphor autoradiography, direct blue-excited fluorescence (457, 488 nm), direct green-excited fluorescence (532 nm), direct red-excited fluorescence (633 nm), and chemiluminescence.
     Contact: Dr. Shohet


The CCR has two independent Langendorff systems;

             Radnoti                                     ADI Isolated heart

Contact: Dr. Matsui or Dr. Shohet
Beckman Avanti-JE floor centrifuge with 500ml and 50ml fixed angle
rotors, as well as a swinging bucket rotor with various adapters.
Contact: Dr. Shohet
Floor incubated shaker.  A large incubated shaker is available 
that can hold large (1-2L) flasks.
Contact: Dr. Shohet
-150 degree C freezer for storage.
Contact: Dr. Stokes
Video teleconferencing in the CCR conference room.
Contact: Dr. Shohet


Contact: Dr. Boisvert


National Instruments Semiconducter Parametric Analyzer 
with LabView 2010 Software.
Contact: Dr. Shohet

Atomic Force Microscope
Contact: Dr. Chad Walton