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In-Class Exercise

This exercise was planned to give you practice in gathering background information for an original research project. Employ any tools you are familiar with or that you discover on the library's web site to complete the following:
  1. With a partner, select one of the three topics listed below. Click on it to view an excerpt from an original research article related to the topic.

    : Academic Achievement


    TOPIC THREE: Oral Communication

    Let's assume, for the purposes of the in-class exercise only, that your original research project for Psychology 301 will be related to this topic.

  2. After browsing the article, you realize that that a previous study (as indicated by the highlighted text in your article) may also provide helpful insight or background data for your own study. Therefore, you would like to read this article as well. Please follow the instructions on this page as you complete the process of locating the article.

  3. Consider any additional information needs you may have if you were planning to conduct your research on a similar topic. Would you need additional background information on any concepts? What kind of testing instrument might you use to gather data? Please be prepared to join a class discussion about these questions.