About Windsor2017

Organising committee: 
Stephen Clark (Bath) and Dieter Jaksch (Oxford),

The next CCPQ Windsor workshop is on Monday 5th - Tursday 8th August 2019.

This workshop, the 6th in series, is designed to bring together UK theory and experimental groups involved in realising, simulating and modelling the dynamics of a variety of complex quantum systems. The meeting is aimed at discussing both new mathematical and computational methods, as well as new experimental applications/phenomena/physics at a level suitable for postgraduate students in the field.

Note that in contrast to previous years the workshop will be running one day longer until the Friday 4th Aug.

Key Dates
Abstract Submission for contributed talk deadline:        Now closed
Registration for workshop deadline:                                 Now closed - workshop is full

The meeting will be held in the stunning scenic surroundings of Cumberland Lodge, one of the Royal Houses in The Great Park at Windsor, built in 1650. It is envisaged around 50-60 scientists will participate, including as many research students and junior post-docs as possible. In line with the educational mission of the Lodge it is an important aim of the workshop to create an informal environment where researchers with different levels of experience can freely discuss their work with one another. 

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: optical lattices, microtraps, coupled-cavity arrays, phase transitions, coherence and entanglement, interferometry and atom optics, superfluidity, non-equilibrium dynamics, spinor and exotic condensates, quantum information applications, experimental perspectives.

The extra day for the workshop is dedicated to special sessions on numerical simulation of strongly correlated systems including tensor network methods, environment engineering for quantum computation, cold atoms for quantum simulations and novel architectures for quantum computation and simulation.

Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

While the full board and accommodation at the Lodge is heavily subsidised by our sponsored funding we do ask for a small contribution of no more than 150GBP (payable at the STFC's secure site https://epayments.bucks.net/stfc/27/) from all participants to help cover the overall costs.