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Experiment types and prototypes

This tutorial aims to show how to use experiment types and experiment prototypes. 

Experiment types and prototypes are used to define magnetisation transfer pathways in the NMR experiment. It is important for CcpNmr Analysis to have correctly assigned Experiment types for all the spectra that are loaded into a project, since the information in an experiment type is used in e.g. resonance assignments.

The difference between Experiment types and Experiment prototypes is that the Experiment types are selected from a set of Experiment prototypes (which can be seen as templates for the Experiment types). CCPN has a large number of pre-defined prototypes that cannot be edited by the users. However, users may add and edit their own prototypes to the set of existing prototypes.

This tutorial will cover both Experiment types and Experiment prototypes, and has been divided into the following sections: