The University of Copenhagen site licenses:
Gaussian 03 (source code) / Gaussview 4 (windows/linux)
Gaussian 09 (Intel 64 bit linux) / Gaussview 5 (windows)

Individual group licenses/expertise:
Avogadro (free) - Jensen group
COSMOtherm (thermochemistry in implicit solvent) - NanoGeoScience group
Dalton (free) - Computational Chemistry group
GAMESS (free) - Jensen group
Gromacs (Molecular dynamics with force fields, free) - NanoGeoScience group
Jmol (free) - Jensen group
Molecular Workbench (free) - Jensen group
ORCA (QM with gaussian basis sets, free) - NanoGeoScience group
Quantum Espresso (DFT/plane waves, free)- NanoGeoScience group
Schrodinger software suite - Jensen group and Department of Medicinal Chemistry
CFOUR (free)

Avogadro tutorials
GAMESS tutorials
Jmol tutorials

Teaching using computational chemistry software
Teaching Statistical Mechanics using Molecular Workbench
Teaching Quantum Mechanics using Molecular Workbench

Teaching Molecular Modeling
Computational chemistry exercises
Illustrating energy minimization
Illustrating periodic boundary conditions