2012 SAE Baja

2012 Project

The CCNY BAJA team designed and built a high performance, single seated, all-terrain sporting vehicle employing several innovative design features. The vehicle was designed and built to adhere to the rules and standards set out in the 2012 BAJA SAE rules. Driver safety was given top priority, and the vehicle’s structure is designed to protect the driver in case of unexpected disaster. The team explored the right balance between durability and performance to attain a lightweight design that can withstand the torture of off-road racing. Key innovative design attributes include mechanically controlled stability control and the integration of a Detroit Locker differential into our gearbox. Throughout the design process the team strove to keep components cost effective and easily manufacturable.

For the 2011-2012 academic year, the Society of Automotive Engineers team at The City College of New York have extremely high expectations for the SAE BAJA competition. We will be completely redesigning the 2010 Baja vehicle. While we intend to reuse some key components to save money, we will be creating a completely new frame, braking system, suspension system and gearbox. 

Build Progress

Got a rolling Chassis finally!!!
Check out the latest pictures on our picasa account.

1/14/2012- Milling of the first half of the Gearbox has completed. The complete photo album can be seen in our image gallery.

We have made some great strides in finalizing the overall design of the Baja Vehicle. The final solid model of the 2012 Baja vehicle can be seen below: