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About Us

The CCNY Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) chapter is an undergraduate mechanical engineering club that was founded in 2006 and provides students with an opportunity to become involved in a real world engineering environment that promotes and exposes students to the rigors of mechanical engineering and collaboration with other engineers to design and build a vehicle to fulfill a specified set of rules for a SAE sanctioned competition.


Current Project

The purpose of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Supermileage competition is to challenge engineering students to design and manufacture a single person, high mileage vehicle that is powered by a single cylinder, four-stroke engine. The fuel efficiency of the vehicle is tested through a performance run around the Eaton racing track. The vehicle must complete six laps around the oval track, totaling 15.5 km in distance. The vehicle mileage is determined by the total fuel consumption needed to propel the vehicle during the performance run. Fuel mileage can be improved by implementing a variety of solutions. However, there are requirements that are placed on the modifications made to the engine, the stability of the vehicle, safety of the driver and structural strength of the vehicle.

2014 SAE Supermileage<-Click for updates

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2013 SAE Supermileage<-Click to see our last competition

2012 Project

The CCNY BAJA team designed and built a high performance, single seated, all-terrain sporting vehicle employing several innovative design features. The vehicle was designed and built to adhere to the rules and standards set out in the 2012 BAJA SAE rules. Driver safety was given top priority, and the vehicle’s structure is designed to protect the driver in case of unexpected disaster. The team explored the right balance between durability and performance to attain a lightweight design that can withstand the torture of off-road racing. Key innovative design attributes include mechanically controlled stability control and the integration of a Detroit Locker differential into our gearbox. Throughout the design process the team strove to keep components cost effective and easily manufacturable.

Congrats to our whole team for our highest ever CCNY BAJA Placement:
Out of 100 teams competing in the BAJA SAE Auburn competition, we placed:

21st Overall
18th Endurance
23rd Hill Climb
5th Design Report (17th Total design)
21st in Cost
59th in Manuverability
55th in Suspension & Traction

2012 Baja Vehicle in Auburn, AL

2010 Baja Vehicle competing in Rochester, NY

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