This is an information and resource site for CCNY full time and adjunct faculty. Although inititally developed for faculty  teaching Leadership,  Special Education and Foundations courses, it is being expanded to meet the needs and interests of all Education faculty at CCNY.

Check out all the resources available at this site because you might find useful information in one of the areas other than your specific courses!

Some pages will have information specific to the particular programs, while other pages have information for all of our full time faculty and adjuncts.

If you have students with disabilities, you can send them to the Office of Student Disability Services, NAC 1/218 . Phone:  212-650-5913 TTY\TTD: 212-650-6910  To learn about their services, visit their web site: http://www.ccny.cuny.edu/student_affairs/Disabilities/default.html

If a classroom is locked, or you need help from Security, contact the Office of Public Safety Office NAC Building, 4/201. Call  212-650-6911 or iIn case of emergencies call 212-650-7777.

Attendance and Lateness Policies,
stated here in the "subpage",  are from p. 14  of the Graduate Student Bulletin for the College in general and on p. 108 for the School of Education.

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