Session Outline

Session outcomes
  1. Identify the specific types of information sources (web sites, scholarly peer-reviewed articles, books, etc.) that will be appropriate for your information need 
  2. Select appropriate search tool(s) – free web sites, subscription library databases for healthcare information, subscription library databases in another discipline, etc. 
  3. Apply search strategies to conduct efficient searches in various library databases and Internet resources (CINAHL, PubMed, AHRQ, NGC) 
  4. Prioritize information sources to identify the best sources for your topic / question 
  5. Construct a list of references applying the APA documentation style 

Class Discussion on Sources 

Class Discussion on Selecting Search Tools

Reference Sources

Internet Tools 
  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (by Department of Health and Human Services)
  • National Guidelines Clearinghouse 

Searching CINAHL 

Searching PubMed