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Thank you for coming to visit my home page. 

I will hopefully have more useful/interesting information loaded soon.

My Brainbench Certifications



To view the complete transcript go to http:\\ and type 1406267in the lower right for my public transcript.

If you work in the IT field, join the InfoWorld IT Exec-Connect.  You can click on my summary below to be taken to the site.

Get Spiceworks and Set IT Free! Freedom is just a download away.

Join the fight against Global Warming.  Checkout LocalCooling.  They offer a free program for Windows XP users that will help manage the power consumption of your computer to help reduce the impact your computer has on the environment.  TAKE A LOOK!


Scarey Janet
aka...Vagina Girl!


My Pictures

 I will be adding more pictures as I get ahold of them.  Below are some pictures that I have available.
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Big Tonka!


Stinky!!  YEAH!!


Devin and Aisley!

Little Ricky is watching you!!