How to Tell Congress You Want Climate Action

Telling them what you want directly is a good way to get noticed by Congress.

On the importance to Congress of direct constituent feedback:

CCL frequently hears from our New Hampshire Congressional Delegation that when they are contacted by as few as six or eight constituents about a single issue on one day is considered significant.  Each of us doing this simple action every week will help send a clear message about what New Hampshire citizens want. We want a liveable world.  Congress will act when there is enough political will for them to do so.  Ask your friends, family, and people you talk with to do this too, and help our voice will grow stronger.

By Email

CCL Web Submission Form

You can use a CCL web form to submit your comments automatically to your two Senators and your Representative in a minute or less:

  • Email Congress:
By Phone

Use this CCL action tool to find the phone numbers, read a suggested script, and register your call for CCL metrics: 

In the event that an office does not take voicemail or has a full mailbox, try the web form method above.