How to Tell Congress You Want Climate Action

Telling them is the most simple and direct way to get heard by Congress: just send them a mail or give them a call.  Both methods are described below.

On the importance to Congress of direct constituent feedback:

CCL has heard directly from Congress that hearing from as few as six or eight constituents on an single issue in a day is considered significant.  So each of us doing this simple act every several weeks will help send a clear message about what New Hampshire citizens care most.  A personal note or call is a pure signal of political will, and Congress will act when there is enough political for them to do so.  Ask your friends, family, and people you talk with to do the same, and this voice will become magnified further.

If you use the CCL web form to submit your comments to Congress, you are done.  But if you send them an email other ways, after you tell Congress, please let us know by emailing to make sure we submit a field report to let CCL know for their and our statistics.  Please include your district and the Congressional representatives you contacted in the email.

By Online Email Submission Form

CCL Web Submission Form

You can also use a CCL web form to submit your comments automatically to your two Senators and your Representative in just a minute or two.  Use this page to send a message to all three of you Congressional Representatives in a single step:

Send your Representative an email via their individual web form

To send a note to your Representative directly, browse to the House web site and click on the representative for your district (see map if you dont know if you are in District 1 or District 2):  

Then click on the appropriate Representative, and go to their 'Contact' page.  From there you can fill out a simple form to send them your message.  Then see the top section above to learn how to contact us as well for tracking of this contact.

Send your Senators an email via their individual web forms

To send a note to either or both of your Senators directly, browse to the US Senators web site:

Then, for each of your two Senators, click on their page link and from there go to their 'Contact' page.  From there you can fill out a simple form to send them your message.  Then see the top section above to learn how to contact us as well for tracking of this contact.

By Phone

You can reach your two Senators and Representative for your District by calling the congressional switchboard (202-224-3121) and asking to be connected to your member of Congress. 

You can also use the CCL action tool to call Congress at In the event that an office does not take voicemail or has a full mailbox, try the web form method below.

Suggested message

The CCL way of talking with Congress is to first show gratitude for their service, appreciation for something they have done, and to always show respect.  And then to be clear about what we want and why we want it.  One way to do that is to take a quick look at the Congress person's or website and review their accomplishments and areas of focus (see below for links).  You can then start off by thanking them for something you find there that you honestly appreciate.  Fit that in to the beginning of something like the following:

Hi. This is YOUR_NAME calling from YOUR_CITY. 

[[[[[example show of appreciation - change as appropriate:  Thank you for being a strong proponent of RGGI. I am very glad our state has been participating in this cap and trade for power generation energy policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.]]]]

I'm calling because I want you and all of Congress to make addressing climate change from all fossil fuel use a top priority this year. I feel our government policies should based on science on issues like this.  It is clear, according to what we know from NASA, NOAA, the EPA, and the world-wide scientific community, that failure to immediately and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions is the largest threat facing our country, human civilization, and life on Earth.

I prefer the market-based, revenue neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend solution from Citizens Climate Lobby because in addition to rapidly shifting society from fossil fuels to clean energy solutions, this policy is equitable, efficient, will protect our purchasing power, help the economy, protect US jobs, and strongly encourage all other countries to do the same.

If calling a Republican, you may want to say, “I want you and other Republicans to…” so as to focus on the party in control and make it clear you think this is a place where Republicans should lead.