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NH Impacts of Climate Change

A recent USC study shows we are at risk of losing 1900 homes worth $643 million by 2015, less than 30 years from now.  Even if the Paris targets are met, we are going to lose 35% of these properties. These numbers do not include commercial properties, the drivers of the economy and holders of the social fabric on our Seacoast.  This 27 year time frame is really helpful in putting the severe storms of last winter into perspective.

Another study has determined that it will cost just three New Hampshire coastal towns between $1.9 and $2.9 billion to address the impacts of climate change.  See p. 23 of “Changing Tides How Sea-Level Rise Harms Wildlife and Recreation Economies Along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard” 2016 National Wildlife Federation, available at;another.  Another concludes, fairly consistent with the study you sent, that over 7,000 New Hampshire homes could be under water by 2100 due to sea rise caused by climate change.  See Nov. 30, 2016Union Leader online article “Study:  7,000 Seacoast properties could be under water by 2100,” by Dave Solomon, at

For some more NH-centric climate impacts, see pages 26-29 at