Citizens' Climate Lobby - New Hampshire chapter
for the South-Central region
The Carbon Fee and Dividend solution will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels by 50% in 20 years, create millions of new jobs, protect household purchasing power, and increase real income for New Englanders. It protects US jobs and has a global reach. 
We've got a solution to fight climate change, now we need your help to enable Congress to act!
Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) is a national, grassroots, nonpartisan organization working to address climate change from fossil fuel use in the US and around the world.  CCL volunteers are citizens speaking up for their right to a livable world by working to create the political will to enable Congress to pass federal legislation of a beneficial, fair, efficient, bipartisan solution.

The Carbon Fee and Dividend policy is a revenue-neutral, market-based solution to dramatically reduce fossil fuel emissions while protecting household purchasing power, helping low-income families, and boosting the economy (see the REMI report for details). This solution does not raise taxes, so every member of Congress can support it. It does not grow government, so every citizen can support it.  It creates and protects US jobs, improves accountability, and strongly motivates the rest of the world to follow our lead.

Congress has introduced our bipartisan bill!  Learn about it and support it here:

If you want to help make a difference, tell Congress you want climate action now!  Learn more about what CCL volunteers do. If you want to get involved, join US, and CCL will connect you with startup training and your local CCL chapter, and become a part of creating the political will for climate action!

Who We Are

We are students, professionals, parents, retirees and others volunteering with Citizens Climate Lobby in the southern I-93 and Rt-3 corridors of New Hampshire.  New Hampshire residents have a lot to gain from a stable climate, including a stable water supply and coastline, livable summers, good ski seasons, a healthy maple syrup industry, and brilliant fall foliage. We also have a lot to gain from switching our energy source from fossil fuels to clean energy alternatives, including protecting property rights, reducing pollution, stabilizing energy prices, keeping more of what we spend on energy in-state, and creating local clean energy manufacturing, installation, repair, and energy efficiency jobs.

Citizens Climate Lobby has over 170,000 volunteers in over 500 local chapters.  The CCL NH South Central chapter is our local effort to help create political will to contribute to CCL's goal of enabling Congress to protect our climate by enacting federal Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation.

CCL NH South Central Chapter Mission

  • Build a community and make connections among NH citizens who are concerned about climate change from fossil fuel use.
  • Identify and act on opportunities for outreach to spread knowledge about, and engage citizen support for, the Carbon Fee and Dividend solution to address climate change.
  • Motivate civic, business, and local government engagement on the issue of climate change from fossil fuel use, and collect endorsements for carbon pricing principles in general and carbon fee and dividend federal legislation in particular.
  • Lobby Congress directly to prepare and enable them to pass Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation soon.
  • Reach and retain 20+ active chapter members.
  • Grow citizen involvement in New Hampshire and create new sustainable CCL groups to service smaller, regional areas throughout the state.

Why We Are So Passionate

Roles & Responsibilities

Our CCL chapter is always looking for new volunteers. if you are interested in getting involved, take a look at what we do and could do with your help.  Citizens Climate Lobby is a positive force of action: we spend our time promoting a positive solution.  If this approach appeals to you let's talk!
More tasks await volunteers interested in helping out, or you may wish to help someone who is in an existing role.  We review open tasks in our monthly meetings.  Feel free to send an email with ideas to

New Hampshire Focus

Carbon pricing is the biggest first step we can take according to the IPCC, IMF, and World Bank, but it will not be enough.  Here are some policies and regulations that complement carbon pricing and will also be needed to support reducing emissions on a 1.5˚C target path - these need to be worked in parallel to our bill:

The CCL National Conference & Lobby Day:
Each year, over 1000 CCL volunteers lobby 
over five hundred Congressional offices 
in one day in June


Monthly Chapter Goals

  • Add new members to Citizens' Climate Lobby
  • Hold a group meeting monthly
  • 2 LTEs (or Op-Eds) published each month
  • Table at 1 event each month
  • Hold 1 event each month (movie showing, presentation, etc.)
  • Lobby with 1 Congressional office every month
  • Send 2 members to the June National Conference and Lobby Day, and to the November National Congressional Education Day
Climate Science 201

Economics 101

The underlying problem is a failure of the energy market to reflect the high external costs of using fossil fuels in their price.  

Modeling Tools & Resources

In The News

External Costs

Global Factors

Know the Environment

The CCL methodology is to be a positive force of action to work efficiently to address climate change from fossil fuel use.  We do not protest or work against things, but to be effective it is important to understand the forces that have prevented climate action for the last three decades.  The CCL approach is an effective way to enable change.

We can each spend two minutes a week writing Congress to ask them to act:  This simple act, multiplied by a million, will enable Congress to act on our behalf.

Talk about human-caused climate change with the people closest to you, with whom you share deep fundamental values. Help them discover their own personal motivations for supporting actions to address climate change.

Consider how to communicate in the different languages spoken by liberals (e.g. fairness, benevolence, equality, social justice), and conservatives (e.g. group loyalty, authority, purity, patriotism, tradition) to make it possible for everyone to identify with the problem and the need for an effective global solution.

Transitioning off fossil fuels will bring many benefits in addition to greenhouse gas emissions reduction, such as stabilized energy prices, improved national security, military efficiency, protection of property rights, reduced healthcare needs and costs, clean air and pure water, job growth and increased productivity, and reduced geopolitical tensions.  It is past time for us to do it.