Clifton/Frazier Lab

Clifton/Frazier Lab

Language Processing Laboratory (ancient photo - can  you see what's missing???)

Charles Clifton and Lyn Frazier

Our laboratory was located in the University of Massachusetts Psychology Department, Tobin Hall. It currently shares space with Adrian Staub's eyetracking laboratory and Brian Dillon's laboratories in the Linguistics Department.  We use it to conduct research in how normal adults comprehend and produce sentences and discourses. We study both reading and listening. While Chuck Clifton is no longer accepting graduate students, Lyn Frazier continues to be actively involved in graduate training in the Linguistics Department. We have been supported by NIH Research Grant HD-18708, "Language Comprehension," by NIH Training Grant HD-07327, "Training in Psycholinguistics," and by NSF BCS 0090674, "Prosody in Language Comprehension" Some of our main current research questions are:

  • How does prosody (particularly pitch accents and phonological boundaries) influence auditory language comprehension?
  • How do people comprehend elliptical sentences?
  • How do readers and listeners decide between bound variable and referential interpretations of pronouns and null anaphors?
  • How does the discourse-linked status of a phrase influence its role in language comprehension?
  • How does a reader determine the antecedent of a plural pronoun?
  • Do readers and listeners compute single or multiple syntactic analyses (is the language processor depth-first or breadth-first?
  • How do readers and listeners interpret scalar adjectives?
  • How does the Question Under Discussion guide discourse integration?
  • How does the processing of at-issue and not-at-issue content differ?
  • Are readers sensitive to the epistemic state of an author?

Click here for a high-level summary of the work our NICHD Language Comprehension grant supported during its 30 years.

Here is a list of people who work or have worked in the lab recently:

Charles Clifton (Psychology)
Lyn Frazier (Linguistics)

GRADUATE STUDENTS who worked in the lab

Josh Levy (Psychology)
Amanda Rysling
Lap Keung (Psychology)
Shayne Sloggett (Linguistics)
Ahren Fitzroy (Psychology)
Ashley Benatar (Psychology)
Meg Grant (Linguistics)
Jesse Harris (Linguistics)
Maria Biezma (Linguisitics)
Seda Kan (Linguistics)
Chad Dube (Psychology)
Angela Pazzaglia (Psychology)
Florian Schwarz
Helen Majewski (Linguistics)
Adrian Staub (Psychology)
Mako Hirotani (Linguistics)
Mohamed Mohamed (Psychology)
Luis Alonso-Ovalle (Linguistics)
Jan Anderssen (Linguistics)
Kier Moulton (Linguistics)
Tim Beechey (Linguistics)
Ilaria Frana (Linguistics)
Maria Nella Carminati (Linguistics)
Katy Carlson (Linguistics)
Sungryong Koh (Psychology)
Jeannine Bock (Psychology)
Pat Deevy (Linguistics)
Mike Dickey (Linguistics)
Jessica Keir (Psychology)
Amy Schafer (Linguisics)
Elisabeth Villalta (Linguistics)
Pius Tamanji (Linguistics)


John Duff

Catie Baumgartner
Shawaz Imam
Megan Schwelb

Emma Musto
Rose Underhill
Stephanie Rich
Maxwell Sherwood
Jordan Levine
Jackson Crook
Anthony Yacavone
Kiah Atkinson
Chris Cuna
Jennifer Dimyan
Brittany Stepton
Matthew DuPont

Jamie Kimball-McInturff
Adina Gallili

Brittany McArdle
Zachary Waegell
Erin Ackley

Morgan Mendes
Maria Bonilla
Brendan Davis
Alisha Allen
Adam Aufseeser
Priya Nagya
Kristy Will
Nick Jacobson
Jason Gullifer
David Taylor
Preeti Putcha
Priya Pugh
Lauren Gasbaro
Preeti Putcha
Gregory Adams
Will Evans
Stephanie Chen
Maureen Hutchins
Michael Parker
Kerri Andrews
Jennifer Boltuch
Jolie Braun
Michelle Hantman
Katie McSheehy
Danielle Michaud
Jason Sidman
Janira Vazquez

Shawn Gaffney

Mara Breen
Elena Salillas
Steven Frisson
Francesca Foppolo
Kiel Christianson
Tessa Warren
Robin Schafer
Mohamed Mohamed

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