Library Skills

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Book Parts Matching Game Match the description to the book part. 
Can You Do the Dewey? Test your knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System, meet the creator and learn more. 
Dewey Decimal Concentration Play concentration by matching the number to the category. 
Dewey Decimal Quiz Take this 10 question quiz to see how much you know about the Dewey Decimal System. 
Reference Skills Game Answer questions about where to find particular kinds of information. 
Guide Words to the Stars Practice guide word skills by playing this game. 
ABC Order Practice Play this game and practice ABC order 
Library Science Games These games test your library science knowledge. 
Dewey Decimal Rap Learn about the Dewey Decimal System with this hilarious rap video! 
Doing the Dewey Decimal System Videos and Activities about the Dewey Decimal System 
Dewey Decimal and the Librarian Video Video teaching the Dewey Decimal System. 
Dewey Decimal Games A list of links for a variety of games to practice the Dewey Decimal System 
Scholastic Book & Author Videos Videos and book trailers for many Scholastic books and authors 
Online Library Learning Center How to do research 
Zoom Dictionary Game Play a game that required you to use the dictionary just to play! 
How to use a Dictionary Video A 2 minute clip on how to use the dictionary. 
Dictionary Entries Activities Learn about the dictionary, play games, and more! 
Using a Dictionary Lesson Learn how to use the dictionary, practice guide words 
Wade through the Web PPT Excellent PPT to introduce websearches 
Website Evaluation Form Evaluate Websites to see if they are quality resources 
Interactive Note Taker Take Notes while online doing research 
Hints about Print Interactive demo about determining if a source is good, worksheet available 
Primary & Secondary Sources  
Primary and Secondary Documents Lists of links to teach primary and secondary sources. 
Thesaurus Lesson & Activities learn about a thesaurus and play games to explore them. 
Fiction or Non-Fiction Listen to the directions, to the stories and decided if they are fiction or non-fiction 
Fiction or Non-Fiction Quia Read the clues, decided whether the book was fiction or non-fiction 
Fiction or Non-Fiction Jeopoardy Play as two teams. 
Library Labrynth Why Dewey created the DDCS 
Dewey Challange Game Adapted PowerPoint to practice Dewey Decimal Skills 
Dewey Decimal Jeopardy Play jeopardy and practice the Dewey Decimal System 
Reference Books What reference tool would you use if...? 
Research Report Review of References, overview of research steps. 
Fiction and Non-Fiction Ordering Order books by their call numbers 
Dewey Decimal Jeopardy  
Alphabet Zoo Put names in ABC order 
ABC Order Practice putting letter in ABC order 
Alphabetical Order - One Missing Letter  
Alphabetical Order - Word Order Put Words in ABC order 
How to do Research interactive, step by step 
Order in the Library Game Practice alphabetical and number order, Dewey Decimal and more by sorting, organizing and reshelving books in a virtual library! 
Genres of Literature Jeopardy  
Showing 42 items