NOTE: The guidance on the site has been updated as of March 2012. The guidance is currently being reviewed by WHO. Please contact Oz Mansoor if you wish to add comments or suggestions.  You can also download the task pages in Word format.
At present there is no overarching CCL system strengthening guidance, but many related tools and publications are available. The Cold Chain and Logistics (CCL) Taskforce established a Guidance Subgroup, to collect and review available guidance to identify overlaps, conflicts and areas where new guidance is needed or current guidance requires updates based on new developments.

This site aims to develop simple, concise guidance focussed on the needs of specific actors roles throughout the CCL sytem, based on this mapping of tasks by level and role.  As much as possible, the guidance here is based on existing guidance, with a priority for WHO documents as the norm-setter for international public health. 

The main target audience for the guidance being developed is national EPI and stakeholders to adapt for developing national guidance.

This site is being developed by the CCL Taskforce
and invited experts.  There is an open invitation to participate by anyone who is interested in contributing to the development of the guidance.

The contribution of each member is being recorded to acknowledge contributions.  Your suggestions on how to facilitate contribution will also be appreciated.

Please go to Overview for a review of the issues around CCL guidance based on a consultant report. Based on this report, which developed the
mapping of tasks, the 'unit' of guidance is a 'Task' comprising a set of activities, whose nature may vary depending on the level of the CCL system: national, sub-national or health facility.  Since the 2010 Workshop, the content has been revised and the new guidance will be reviewed at the CCL Workshop to be held at New York from 29 Nov to 2 Dec 2011.

These 'Tasks' have been organized into 10 Functional Areas, and are the entry point for identifying guidance for the specific 'Task Pages'.  At present all 'Task Pages' are 'in development'. We need your help in completing them - giving simple, clear, and concise guidance for the task, and identifying issues and guidance needs for that task.  In addition, each 'Task Page' details the activities that make up the task, as a check against the guidance. 

Each of the
Functional Areas has its own page that details the tasks covered in that area.  The initial mapping of tasks for that area was developed from the mapping of tasks, and reviewed and adjusted by the October 2010 NY workshop where this site was initiated.  It has since been reviewed at the 2011 KL workshop and further updated in February 2012. At present, you need to to the functional area (or sitemap) to find the 'Task Page".

Members of the community can make comments on the "Task Page": click the '+' beside "Comments" at the bottom of the page to open the box, unless already open.  Enter your suggestions and press "Add comment" when you have finished.  Contributors can also edit page contents to improve the guidance.

Visitors to the site can only post comments. You can also request to join the community (e-mail rvenu@unicef.org).


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