About the Library


The library is located in the “A” Building on the second floor in A203.

In the library you will find Steve Miller, a credentialed teacher librarian and secondary English teacher.  Mr. Miller can be called at extension 6450.  He’s here to assist you and will work with you on any project, large or small, help you find the resources you need, or help you find a good read.

  • The facility is comprised of a main room, library office, workroom, staff restroom, and small conference room.
  • The library has a collection of over 20,000 library materials.  The collection focuses on the curricular needs of the state standards and current young adult fiction that is rich and varied.  There is also a small, but growing audio-visual collection located in a back room inside of the workroom.
  • The library also provides access to the library online catalog (OPAC) and District databases, and an electronic reference library.
  • There will be photocopier access for students.  There is a nominal fee of 10¢ per copy.  This helps pay for more paper and toner.

Operating Hours
The library is open from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.  Monday through Friday.  The library is available for classes (by appointment) and individual student passes.

Library Map