Honda CT70 thinkingdudes style

Ever since I can member I loved the Honda CT70. I brought one back from the dead in my yewt and successfully rode it a few times. Man if a neighbor had a mini bike I was all over it. No doubt if it had moving parts, ran on gas and you could ride it who wouldn't ditch school. I traded it for a Hodaka Ace 100 that I took apart and painted and put back together and sold to a guy who wanted the Hodaka for family outings.
About eight years ago an aquantance gave me a 79 Tahitian Red one. I tinkered with it and gave it some restoration and it turned out OK. Since that first one I have gotten involved with the little machine and have brought many back to life. It was fun sometimes and I learned a lot about small engines in general. I got tired of workin on other peoples hinkey crap to find the satisfaction of workin on my own for fun. Life has a way at times of affording us these things. You're welcome to look around in my world of the Honda CT70.