Welcome to the course! Using sporting movement as a hook, our objectives are to:

1) develop technology, communication and collaboration skills using the industry-proven Hothousing workshop intensive agenda

2) engage in activities that include video–capturing and movement analysis using Tracker, and GeoGebra mathematical software for statistics, analysis and simulation

3) gain a better understanding of gravity, acceleration and equations of horizontal and vertical motion of projectiles

Each of these new skills can be applied and adapted to a vast array of other STEM projects, as you can see in our examples below:

>>> Hothousing 
Students experience a technological problem–solving physical, hands–on activity, which provides a great opportunity for teamwork and the development of presentation skills.
>>> Tracker & Geogebra
Students start with simple tasks, then build up to capturing video of a real sporting activity, such as Netball, capture it in Tracker software, and create a simulation with GeoGebra.
>>> Other Sports 
These tools and skills can be used for other sports—for example,
a football simulation.
>>> Other Topics
They can be extended to other projects—for example, an innovative use
of GeoGebra in studying flight.

>>> Wider Projects
This Hothouse project links Sport, Community, School, and STEM— it's new and is yet to be tried out.

Sport, Community, School and STEM

>>> Even Wider Projects!
This Hothouse project for 15–year–olds was to develop GeoGebra–related material for Technology Enhanced Learning—with remarkable results.


>>> On-going Projects and WEB sites!

Our 2013 GeoGebra 20-20 STEM Interns Horthouse Challenge produced excellent deliverables including kinematics and evidence of communication, collaboration and mentoring continuing beyond 2013. Here is the communication and collaboration site, followed by the two excellent on-going project sites:



The course is in four parts - Hothousing, Tracker, GeoGebra, and Your ideas.