Cumberland Co. Jr. League XC

Welcome to the 2015 Cross Country Races
The race dates are as follows:
March 18
March 25
April 1
All races will start at 4:00 PM at Stone Memorial High School.  Please make sure to thank Damon Koehl for all of his hard work in getting the course back in shape and ready to race.  He has spent many, many hours since the ice storm working on the course.  Thank you, Damon!
RoadID has graciously sponsored us again this year.

The March 18th race had 496 runners. All results are posted. There are 26 different reports for each race. Please remember that these take time. They will be published as they are finished each week. Thank you for your patience.

We would like to thank Pat Koehl,  Damon Koehl, Frank Mackzum, Stone Memorial High School,  the Cumberland County Rescue Squad, Road ID,  the coaches from the different schools, the racers, the parents and the many, many volunteers for another great race season
Most of the people you see working at the races are volunteers.  We could not do this on this large of a scale if it were not for all of the volunteers.  Most of them come out for every race and put many hours into making this happen.  They are very special people who understand that this is all about the students.  Thank you for all that you do.

Stats for 2014

We had 496 runners for the first race, 457 the second race, 419 the third race, and 448 for the fourth and final race.  That gives us a total of 1820 times posted for runners for the season.  We had 352 runner who did every race this season.  That is definitely dedication! 

Congratulations to all of the racers who ran an incredible race season.

from 2013

Some stats that might interest folks - We had 486 runners for the first race, 450 for the second, 457 for the third, and 452 for the final race.  That is a total of 1845 running times for the entire season.  We had 339 runners that ran all four races.

Some other stats that might interest folks - We had 27 different reports for each race which is 16 new webpages for each race.  That is a total of 108 reports for the season.  WOW!  We actually did it.  Thanks to everyone for their help and patience.

This year we welcome back a familiar sponsor.  RoadID is supplying us with bib numbers for our first two races and several prizes.  You will receive a brochure that will give you a coupon for $2.00 off one of their products.  This company strives for the safety of athletes.  They make a wrist ID and a shoe ID that will help with the identification of an athlete in an accident.  Please check out their website at: http://www.RoadID.com

You can check the results by clicking on the sidebar.

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