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  • New CCHS Community Meeting 
  • Tuesday, December 10 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
  • CCHS Cafeteria. 
All parents, students, community members and friends of Chamblee are invited to attend this information meeting about the new school.  

New Photos - November 2013

Read July 25, 2013 Reporter Newspaper interview with David Tench, chair of the Construction Progress Advisory Committee for Chamblee’s governance council


As a general reminder, and for those who may read this over the summer, the project is still on schedule with the construction to continue through this summer with the Academic Wing (includes cafeteria, all the classrooms, administration and counseling suites) natatorium and the gymnasium being made ready for student and faculty use, winter break December 2013. The auditorium, arts, drama and some of the interior access corridors will have to follow the initial opening because the existing school has to be removed prior to completing the final phase. That following new school year of August 2014 the entire school will be ready for use. CCHS has always been a two phased occupancy and when school starts this coming school year August 2013, the students will still be in the old school. 

Additional alerts and bulletins will be issued by the Principal this summer as school gets close to opening. Stay Tuned.

Academic Building  (anticipated opening winter break 2013):

The wall of windows along the entrance to the school adjacent to Chamblee Dunwoody Road is nearing completion. The combination of clear energy efficient glass with the horizontal panels of the opaque glass are complementing the tan brick and white cast stone colors on the outside of the facility. The final Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing trim-outs are almost complete on all floors. The ceiling grid is starting to be installed with the interior paint finishes following closely behind. The internal vertical circulation (stairs) are being finalized and closed-in from the outside with walls of glass. The front yard hardscape (landscaping and sidewalks) are continuing with most the work in this area to be completed this summer. Other items to be completed this summer will be the interior casework, lockers, floor finish, interior doors, ceiling tile and window blinds.

Pool/Gym   (anticipated opening winter break 2013):

The roof and roof coping is anticipated to be complete this summer on both areas. The pool will be cast and made ready for coping and final finishes roughly at the beginning of the school year August 2013. The gymnasium competition wood floor will be started around the same time in August and completed roughly 4 weeks later in September 2013. The acoustical panels, and wall padding will also be completed in this same time period. The final Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing rough-in continues. The exterior skin of brick and curtain wall (windows) will be finished this summer.

Arts/Drama/Auditorium   (anticipated opening fall 2014):

As noted in the opening paragraph these spaces can only be partially completed until the old school is demolished. So the majority of the construction work in these areas will commence roughly around winter break 2014 allowing for the demolition of the old school and contractor mobilization.


The existing parking out in front of the existing school will shut down over the summer break. All parking for the summer activities will have to park in the gravel parking lot behind the existing school. The bus drop-off and pick-up will be available at all times. If the new parking lots are not ready for new school year August 2013 other provisions will be have to be considered.

“Quick Look”

The anticipated percentages of completion of the various areas, when school starts this August 2013.

      • Front Fire Line: 100% Complete 
      • Parking Lots: 85% Complete 
      • Academic Wing: 85% Complete 
      • Pool / Gym / Auditorium: 65% Complete 
      • Arts / Drama: 65% Complete

The new CCHS facility reached a major milestone February 2013 in its progress to becoming the new home of the Chamblee Bulldogs. The four story academic building’s roof was completed and tradition holds to have a celebration for all personnel responsible for this achievement. Lunch was provided by the general contractor for all subcontractors, architect, politicians, principal, superintendent and school board staff. The beam signing is another tradition where people sign a steel beam that is on the ground, then raised in place for perpetuity, or at least until the next major renovation in 50 years or so…Click here for more pictures of the beam signing

Click here  to see December 2012 video update of CCHS construction

Groundbreaking April 16, 2012

CCHS Construction - Where We Have Been

Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Atkinson and the DeKalb County School District kicked off construction for the replacement of Chamblee Charter High School with a ground breaking ceremony on Monday, April 16th

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