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Curriculum Vitae

Candice Choi                                               cell: (415) 860-6410

Piano                                                                                                                                        www.candicechoi.com                                                                                                                          candice_ws_choi@yahoo.com  



Education                    Master of Music in                                          Expected May 2012               

                                    Piano Pedagogy and Performance      

                                             Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ  

                                                     ·         Piano studies with Ingrid Clarfield     

                                                     ·         Pedagogy studies with Phyllis Lehrer and Paul Sheftel


                                    Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance        Completed May 2005

                                                            University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music, Stockton, CA  

·         Piano studies with Dr. Rex Cooper and Frank Wiens              

·         Voice studies with Dr. Lynelle Wiens and Daniel Ebbers

·         Cello studies with Nina Flyer

Piano Study                                                             Sept. 2009-present

San Francisco, CA

·         Piano studies with Mack McCray of the 

           San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Voice Study                                                               Jan. 2010-present

San Francisco, CA

·         Voice studies with Sara Ganz of San Francisco State University

Teaching Experience        Group and Individual Piano Teacher                 June 2009-Aug. 2010

                                                Amabile School of Music, San Francisco, CA

·         Teach private lessons to students ages 4 to17

·         Founded group piano class for students ages 3 to 6

·         Studio size multiplied from 4 students to 25 students within 9 months

                                                Classroom Observation                                          Oct. 2009-Dec. 2009

Toones Academic Music, Allen School, San Bruno, CA

·         Observe classroom music instruction for grade levels K-5

                                                                Intern                                                                                 Summer 2009

Toones Academic Music, Allen School, San Bruno, CA

·    Observed, taught, and implemented curriculum that combines math                                     and music for children ages 4-14

·    Developed curriculum that utilized aspects of critical thinking, 

      problem-solving skills, creativity, and team work with musical learning


Class Piano Teaching Assistant                               Aug. 2008-May 2009

University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

·       Taught 40 students in beginning group piano class using new 

         Yamaha Clavinova keyboards

·       Dr. Margaret Perry, faculty supervisor


Piano Teacher                                                           Sept. 2006-May 2009

Stockton, CA                                                                       

·         Taught 15 children (ages 5-14) to play the piano

·         Coordinate and co-lead Piano Party Series, a  performance-based                       class that builds community with joint piano studios


Intern                                                                                      Summer 2007

Blue Bear School of Music, San Francisco, CA

·         Managed Little Bears program/classes (early childhood 

           development program for ages 4 mos-5 yrs)

·         Observed and taught Little Bears classes of 10-15 children

·         Assisted with marketing through various forms of 

           telecommunication and visual advertising

Performance Experience       

                                 Solo Piano       Winner, University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music       2008-2009

 Concerto Competition             

·         Performed first movement of Saint-Saens Piano Concerto No. 2 

           with University of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra at 

           2009 Commencement Concert


Senior Recital                                                                           March 2009

University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

·         Performed works by Beethoven, Bach, Schumann, and Debussy 

           at University of the Pacific’s Recital Hall


Junior Recital                                                                       February 2008

University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

·         Performed works by Bach, Chopin, and Bartok at University of 

           the Pacific’s Recital Hall


A Musical Potpourri Recital                                                    May 2007

San Francisco, CA

·         Coordinated the community outreach recital showcasing students at 

           University of the Pacific’s Conservatory of Music

·         Performed in solo piano and violin repertoire



    Chamber Music      University of the Pacific Chamber Music Class                      2007-2009

·         Recital performances with a Piano Quintet with     

          Woodwinds, Woodwind Trio, Piano Quartet with Strings

·         Coached by Nikolasa Kuster, Ann Miller, Dr. Rex Cooper, 

           Mathew Kreiji


            Piano Accompanying    Rehearsal Accompanist                                                         Spring 2010

                                                  City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

·         Accompany and coach beginning voice class students


                                                 Endre Balogh Woodwinds Studio Accompanist           Dec. 2009-present

                                                 Foster  City, CA

·         Accompany woodwind students (beginner to advanced level) in          Music Teachers’ Association of California Evaluations and studio recitals


                                         Cries and Whispers: A Ballet for Ingmar Bergman                  Sept. 2009

                                         San Francisco, CA

·         Pianist in collaboration with ballet dancer


                                         Kam Cheng Violin Studio Accompanist                 June 2009-Dec. 2009

                                         El Cerrito, CA

·         Accompany violin students (beginner to advanced level) in Music Teachers’ Association of California Evaluations and studio recitals                                   

Irene Cho Voice Recital                                                  May 2008          

      University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music, Stockton, CA

·         Accompanied mezzo soprano voice recital


Church Accompanist                                             Sept. 2008-May 2009

United Congregational Christian Church, Lodi, CA

·         Accompany church choir rehearsals and performances during 

           Sunday Services


University of the Pacific Accompanying Class                        2005-2007

·         Accompany various vocalists and instrumentalists

·         Coached by Dr. John Cozza


     Master Classes      Leon Fleisher                                                                          April 2008      

                                     University of the Pacific Faye Spanos Concert Hall

                                                 Richard Ormrod                                                                       Feb. 2007

                                                 University of the Pacific Recital Hall


                             Choral       Gospel Choir                                                                            Spring 2010

                                               City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

·         Under direction of Charles Hudspeth


Brevard Summer Music Institute and Festival Chorus      Summer 2008

Brevard, NC

·         Performed Carmina Burana by Carl Orff with the 

           Brevard Music Center Orchestra

·         Under direction of Keith Lockhart


                                                 Pacific Singers                                                                           2007-2009          

                                                 University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music, Stockton, CA

·         Under the direction of Edward Cetto


Oriana Choir                                                                              2005-2007

University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music, Stockton, CA

·         Under the direction of Edward Cetto


Leadership Experience    Music Director                                                          Jan. 2006-May 2009                                                                           

Mu Phi Epsilon (Professional Music Fraternity), Mu Eta Chapter Stockton, CA                                    

·         Taught and conducted music for all performances

·         Planned and organized semi-annual recitals


Community Outreach    Director of Community Outreach                                 June 2009-present                                                                              

                                              Amabile School of Music, San Francisco, CA

·         Founded St. Anne’s Home Community Outreach program 

           where students perform regularly for patients and residents


Community Service Committee Chair                                      2007-2008

Mu Phi Epsilon, Mu Eta Chapter, Stockton, CA

·         Organized and coordinated monthly musical performances at local 

           retirement homes


                                                Cancer Benefit Concert                                                        March 2008

Mu Phi Epsilon, Mu Eta Chapter, Stockton, CA

·         Raised over $4,000 for The American Cancer Society


Invisible Children Benefit Concert                                       March 2007

·         Raised over $5,000 plus three children sponsored for the 

           Invisible Children Organization helping children soldiers in Uganda


Conventions and Festivals 

                                                Music Teachers National Association                                 March 2011

                                                National Conference                            

                                                Milwaukee, WI

                                                       ·         Ambassador for Westminster Choir College's     

                                                                  Music Teacher Association Collegiate Chapter


                                                Brevard Music Festival and Institute                               Summer 2008   

·         Awarded scholarship

·         Studied piano with Craig Nies


National Association of Music Merchants Show        Jan. 2008 & 2009

Anaheim, CA


Music Education National Conference Bay Section            Winter 2007

San Jose, CA


Music Teachers Association of California              Summers 2006-2009

Northern and Southern California


Portland International Piano Festival                                 Summer 2007

Portland, OR


Administrative Experience    

                                                Intern                                                                                    Summer 2007                                                                                            

                                                SF Jazz, San Francisco, CA

·         Package donor letters and exclusive event invitations

·         Assist with free concert set-up and clean-up at Union Square

·         Research artists for pre-concert talks


Honors and Awards               National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy                    Summer 2011
                                                     ·         Recipient of full scholarship to attend the five day conference
                                                University of the Pacific Concerto Competition Winner         2008-2009

                                                University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

·         Performed first movement of Saint-Saens Piano Concerto No. 2 

           with University of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra at 

           2009 Commencement Ceremony   


National Association of Music Merchants Scholar                  Jan. 2009

Anaheim, CA


SUCCESS  Grant                                                                      2006-2009

University of the Pacific,Stockton,CA                                                                          

Excellence in Performance Scholarship                                   2005-2009

University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA


University of the Pacific Music Grant                                     2005-2009

University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA          


Meritus College Fund                                                               2005-2009

San Francisco, CA


Maisin Scholarship                                                                   2005-2009

San Francisco, CA


Andrelle Johnson Scholarship                                                  Aug. 2005         

San Francisco, CA      


Professional Affiliations 


                                                New Jersey Music Teachers Association (NJMTA)           2010-present

                                                Collegiate Chapter of Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ

                                                      ·         President, 2011-present

                                                      ·         Vice President, 2010-2011

                                                Mu Phi Epsilon (Professional Music Fraternity)                 2006-present                             

                                                Mu Eta Chapter ,University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

·         Alumni Secretary 2008-2009

·         Music Director, 2007-2008

·         Active participant in community service, fundraising, and 

           recital committees