ICT in Teaching and Learning (Ghana)

Learning Circle Group: Computer Chronicals

Sponsoring Teacher : Anthony Lord Onwona-Agyeman

School:T.I Ahmadiyya Senior High School -Kumasi

City: Kumasi

Country: Ghana, West Africa
Hello, everybody, here is our project topic/ idea.

Name of the project : Integration of ICT in Teaching and Learning-A 21st Century Skill Approache to teaching and learning( Construtivism-Student centered)

Goal of the Project: to equip Teachers and Students with the necessary and vital skills to be able to integrate ICT in their teaching and learning

Type of writing requested: the article, photos, softwares(shareware, freewares, etc)

Description : answering the questions:
-   what ICT equipment do you use in  lesson praparation
- what softwares do you use in  lesson praparation
-   how often do you use them
-    How long have you been using them in lesson prepartions and delivery.

-   How do they make lessons interesting.

-   Do students like such lessons.

-  Has the integration of ICT in education help improve results (i.e. performance of teachers & students)?
-How many teachers in your school using ICT in teaching and learnig.

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