San Diego

1. The killers, The fray, Coldplay, Mana

2. Paulo Cohelo, Stephen King

3. Family Guy, Smallville,

4. Mexican Food, In-and-out burgers, pizza

5. Algebra I & II, PE

6. Soccer, Football, Swimming

7. Rainbow Six, Fifa 10, PES 10,


Part II

1. 4431 Mt. Herbet Ave. 92117

2. 2o students per class

3. About 400 students

4. School colors are rainbow and we do not have a mascot

5. We use mac laptops, imacs, and ibm machines. About 400 computers

6. Our school was name after conservationist

7. Our school is unique because we have a 4 by 4 period, it’s a magnet school and it’s a k-12 school.

Part III

1. Paradise Hills

2. San Diego

3. San Diego, CA

Class favorites (List your class top 5 favorites in each category):

1. Music groups:
:   i) Esther Smith ii) Christiana Love  iii) Samini iv) Tinny   v) Asem

2. Authors:
i) Ola Rotimi ( Author of ‘The Gods   are not to   blame’) iii) J.C de Graft (Author of     ‘Sons and Daughters’)   iv) Ayikwei Armah (Author of ‘The Beautiful   Ones Are Not Yet Born’ v) Ama Atta-Aidoo (Author of Changes)

3. TV programs:
i) National Science and Mathematics Quiz on G-TV ii) Thank God is Friday on TV-3  iii)    

 Music Music on TV-3  iv) Children’s Channel on G-TV  v) Agenda on G-TV

4. Foods:
i) Fufu with groundnut soup ii) Kenkey with fried fish and hot pepper, iii) Fried yam and chicken iv) Banku with okro soup v) Rice and stew

5. School subjects:
i) ICT ii)English Language  iii) Social Studies  iv) Integrated Science v) Core  Mathematics
6. Sports:
i) Football ii) Basketball iii) Table Tennis iv) Volley ball v) Hockey

7. Video or computer games:
:   i) Mario Land ii) Grand Theft  iii)Mortal Kombat

 iv)  World Soccer v)Prince of Percia

8. Other Class Favorites of your choice: Computing, Video Games & Chatting on the Internet

 Class favorites (List your class top 5 favorites in each category):


1.      Music groups:  Michael Jackson, A Day to Remember, Lady Gaga


2. Authors:  Dr. Seuss,  Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Dante


3. TV programs:  Family Guy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, One Tree Hill, ABDC


4. Foods:  pizza, tacos, potatoes, burgers and fries, spaghetti


5. School subjects: History, guitar, lunch, science, civics


6. Sports:  American football, cheering, wrestling, basketball, volleyball, track


7. Video or computer games:  Assassins Creed, Worms, American Warfare 2, Masinogi.


8. Other Class Favorites of your choice:  facebook, snow days, dancing, movies, riding 4 wheelers (4 wheeled motorcycles)  the Marshall County Fair.






C. Class favorites (List your class top 5 favorites in each category):

 1. Music groups  are “30 seconds to Mars”, “ Cheese People”, Michael Jackson, Avril Lavigne, “The Killers”


2. Authors are A.S.Pushkin, W.Shakespeare, A. Golden, S. Mougham, G. Rollings.


3. TV programs are News, Sports Channels, “ Comedy Club”, “ Great Difference”, “Open Studio”.


4. Foods. We like pizza, ice-cream, honey, sushi, pan-cakes.


5. School subjects are a lot of English ( Speaking, Writing, Listening, Grammar), History.


6. Sports . We like skating, skiing, jogging, playing volleyball and football.


7. Video or computer games are Sims, Need for Speed, Harry Porter, Call of Duty, Crazy Taxi.


8. Other Class Favorites of your choice. We like to go to the movies, we like chattering, drinking coffee, visiting different clubs, skating.



C. Class favorites (List your class top 5 favorites in each category):


1. Music groups: Reggae, Country music, Gospel, Lovers Rock


2. Authors: African Writers, Novel Writes


3. TV programs: Documentary , Cattons network, Animals Kingdom-Toyota Wildlife


4. Foods: Rice, Beans Sea foods, Tuber crop, Fruits


5. School subjects: English, Meths, Science, ICT, Social Studies, Economics, Accounting, Management, French, etc


6. Sports: Football , Volley, Athletics, handball, etc


7. Video or computer games: Zuma, Vcop, Mavis Beacon, etc


8. Other Class Favorites of your choice



T.I Ahmadiyya Senior High School (REAL AMASS) was established in 1950 to help meet the national manpower training needs. The global economic dynamisms moving nations and economies from the basic hunting and gathering to large scale commercial farming, then to industrialization and now to information era, the school authorities deemed it fit to be reviewing the school curriculum in line with these to demands to position the products from this our great institution to meet global challenges and the needs of this 21st century in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for accelerated development.


In the light of the above, even before the government of Ghana introduced ICT as a core subject in the senior high school curriculum, the authorities and the Parents Teacher Association ( PTA) of this our noble institution have, in common purpose set up an ICT laboratory to help equip Teachers and Students with basic ICT skills.


ICT in Real Amass started exactly in 198--- under the leadership on the sixth headmaster Mr. I. K Gyasi (198_--1996) with about six 386 Apple computers donated by some group of Old Students living Abroad and within his period of leadership little was achieved in ICT since personnel to teach coupled with equipment support was not forth coming.


 During the era of the immediate past headmaster Mr. Y. K Agyare (1996-2010-Jan. 25th) due to his personal interest in ICT, PTA support coupled with dedicated and motivated staff was able to see ICT to this height, not ultimate but encouraging as compared to other Non Foreign supported local schools in the region.


REAL AMASS has to ICT laboratories –one little bit new but not fully modern and the other very, very old with almost no working computers-, the new laboratory has Fifty Pentium IV, 2.0-2.5 GHz, 256 RAM and 20 Gig. HDD size.


The old laboratory which can house Fifty computers has eighteen Pentium II & III computers of which only five are working and the rest need serving and upgrading of RAM, HDD, CD-ROM DRIVES, ect.


The school has one Data Entry Lab. Where students records, examination related work are done.


In REAL AMASS ICT is mainly use for:

  1. School fees collections
  2. Students billing
  3. Teaching And Assessment
  4. Students research
  5. Training for ICT tutors in the region
  6. Communication


On the school fees

collection …………………………..


As we talk about ICT in the school as rosy as one may think MANY Challenges bedevil the school, included are: 


  1. Inadequate Staff
  2. Old Computers
  3. No LCD or Overhead Projectors
  4. Inadequate Teaching & Learning  Materials
  5. Inadequate In-service Training for Staff
  6. Limited Internet Access to both Students and teachers
  7. No campus based Exchange program on ICT with students from other countries