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Activities and Amenities

Cinnamon Cove Activities 
Whether your interests are sports, exercise, card table games, board games, Bingo, dancing, music, movies, travel or all of these and more, our Recreation Director plans a full range of activities and special events for the residents and guests of Cinnamon Cove. Our daily activities schedule lists more than thirty regularly scheduled and recurring activities and club meetings available for your enjoyment. In addition to our regular program of activities, a number of Special Events are scheduled each month. From pizza parties to PotLuck dinners to full course holiday meals, cocktail parties to costume parties, solo entertainers to our fabulous Variety Show, cruises, tours, and shopping excursions, presentations of various medical, home maintenance and other topics of interest to members of the community, all are listed in our monthly News and Views publication and in the online calendar.

Cinnamon Cove Amenities
Cinnamon Cove maintains the following amenities for the enjoyment of our residents and their guests.

Cinnamon Cove Community

  • Clubhouse and Recreation Office
  • Main Meeting Room, Kitchen area, and Dance Floor
  • 2 Meeting Rooms
  • Library
  • Wi-Fi area
  • Billiards Table
  • Table Tennis
  • Fitness Center
  • Main Swimming Pool
  • Jacuzzi-style Spa
  • 3 Fishing Lakes
  • 2 Bocce Courts
  • 3 Satellite Swimming Pools
  • 2 Tennis/Pickleball Courts
  • 6 Shuffleboard Courts
  • Screened Pavillion w/ Picnic Tables and a Gas Grill

There is always something to do and enjoy in Cinnamon Cove!