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September 26, 2007:

Japanese 13th CD single of containing these songs: "Ride On" and "Shine" and "Deep water (remix from singer Haru's song "Deep Water") will be out. 

4th Korean Album:

The 4th korean album is due to release in January of 2008. It is also said that "Dating on Earth" DVD will be included, however, this is just a rumor at this point. Stay tuned and see if this rumor is true!!!

October 5th and 6th 2007:

Kick off of TVXQ long awaited 2nd Live Asia Tour begins its' run in Taipei, Taiwan!!! :D Though NEWS, Japanese singing group, also has a concert on Oct 6, 2007 and Oct 7, 2007, TVXQ is not backing down and will be planning (rumored) a surprise guest appearance of Super Junior during their concerts in Taiwan. :D

Prior to the official day of ticket release, 10 days to be exact, a line was already forming. On August 14, 2007, tickets were sold. Within 3 hours of release, more than 6000 tickets were sold!!!

The concerts will be held at the Taipei Zhong Shan Soccer Stadium.

Because of the multitude of fans that are both TVXQ and NEWS fans, had agreed to attend TVXQ's concert the first night and NEWS the second :D no fights occured! :D

August 2007:

DBSK is chosen as one of the groups for Mnet's 20 Choice, but appearance on the show in S Korea...hm...wishful thinking!!!

Late July 2007:

A-nation kick off!!!!!! ahahahaha but the funny part was...they had to undergo "special training" to becoming fit (endurance and body wise) to perform. hahahaha and during the training sessions, the coach discovered that eventhough they're all really good/awesome and fabulous dancers...lol they had really really REALLY stiff bodies XD ahahahahaha hearing that i was like "no wonder they get back aches!" ahahahahhaa!!! sorry it's just really amusing

:D but after the training, thankfully they are becoming more flexible and not that often get back aches...hopefully! :D

Early July 2007:

Seoul Dream Concert and SM Concerts participation!!! Woot!!! those concerts were awesome!!! The Ta Ki (water fall) of red balloons during the Seoul Dream Concert was sooooo~ breath taking after seeing it not in the crowd but in the video of the concert XD whooopy!!!!

August 1, 2007:

The release of TVXQ's 12th Japanese single: SUMMER is now in stores in Asia!!!! Congrats to TVXQ!!!

July 13, 2007:

The release of TVXQ's 11th Japanese single: Lovin You is now in stores in Asia!!! Wat a single!

On March 7, 2007, the group released their tenth Japanese single, Choosey Lover which charted #4 on the Oricon Singles Chart in Japan on the week of its release. On March 14, 2007, TVXQ released their second Japanese album entitled, "Five in the Black", debuting as #6 on the Oricon album charts. (Whoo hoo!)

Starting in early April, TVXQ members started hosting a weekly radio program "TVXQ Bigeastation" on Japan FM Network channel, currently being aired on seven local FM stations.

May 26th 2007: TVXQ represented Korea on MTV's Video Music Awards Japan. They performed 'O' Sei.Han.Go / 'O' Jung.Ban.Hap live that combined both the Japanese and Korean versions of the song. They won the 'Best Buzz Asia in Korea' award.

To promote Korea's E-Government system's publicity and activities, TVXQ has recently been appointed as the public ambassadors on June 9, 2007, at Gwanghwamun Central Government Building.

11th Japanese single, "Lovin' You", debuted as #2 on the Oricon charts on June 13, 2007.

12th summer single, "SUMMER ~Summer Dream/Song for you/Love in the Ice," will be released on August 1, 2007 and "Love in the Ice" song will be the ending theme for the kdrama "Snow Queen" (Japanese on air version).

Hero Jaejoong will be singing a duet with CSJH The Grace for their new japanese release "Piranha."

 "2nd Asia Live Tour Concert 'O'-Jan Ban Hap":
With the album released in seven Asian countries (South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China and Hong Kong), TVXQ has begun its second Asian tour in support of their third album.

The tour started on February 23, 2007 at the Olympic Park, Seoul Korea. 12,000 fans attended the three Seoul concerts, including over 1,500 fans from Japan, China, Thailand, and five other Asian nations. The concert repertoire included 24 songs and dance sequences.

Music CD of the tour has been released.

The tour traveled through six other cities in Asia in the later half of the year including Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur.

"2nd Live Tour 2007 - Five in the Black" (Japan):

With the release of their second Japanese album, "Five in the Black," TVXQ had their second Japan Live Tour Nationwide Concert. The tour began on May 5, 2007 and ended in late July. The group was originally scheduled to hold 14 performances in 9 cities, but plans were altered after "pleas by fans who were devastated that their original shows had sold-out."  Record sell out of tickets WITHIN 2-3 minutes of release!!!

There will be 16 live performances instead, including two new shows at Tokyo's Nippon Budokan Hall.