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September 14, 2007

Wahh school has started as many of  can see, not that much time for me to be on here as often^^;;;

Okay! So here are the update in GENERAL!!!

TVXQ Jaejoong, Yoochun, Changmin, and Yunho are in France for a CF shoot starting September 12, 2007

Junsu...and BoA and two other artists are in Brazil, mean while, shooting for a CF/Music Vid for AnyCalls and a singer. :D congrats to all!!! Oooh yea SHINE AND RIDE ON SINGLE COMIN OUT NEXT WEEK!!!

Another single for Japan is also declared to be released in November i believe :D

Sept 2nd World Asia Concert in Taiwan is coming closer!!!

TVXQ had visited Taiwan for a surprise fan meet in Taiwan all planned by them and was welcomed full heartedly :D

In October, TVXQ is going to have a ENCORE KOREA CONCERT  before headin to Thailand and other areas for the 2nd World Asia Concert.

Gambatei TVXQ!!! Hwaiting!!! :D I'll try and post this all up soon in the NEWS section of my website :D


August 19, 2007

So yea...i cleared up some more kinks in the NEWS section...whew! It was one SIMPLE thing to put it up ... but it IS ONE NIGHTMARE linking and making sure all the links worked. Whew!

Schools about to start next week for me...wow...not much of a summer left! wahhh!!! >.<


August 17, 2007

Okay I have COMPLETELY OPENED a NEW ENTIRE SECTION to the NEWS category. There was just tooo much information to put in one place sooooo i have made another branch out in the News section.

Hope nobody gets lost! There might be broken or not working links there due to the multitude of new info and stuff i put there, so bear with me!!! i'll sort those out in time!!!

As for new projs that i need to finish....still majority are not done yet so...once i do i'll get those up too! :D


There is this other place that allows me to make a free website and has a lot of other stuff to let me do more with my sites. It hasn't been let out to the entire public yet but i've also started working around in it. It's beta testing right now but...once it is released to the public, i'll have the official link here on this site. SOOOO much cooler and more hand made and stuff there!


August 16, 2007

Woah!!! It's been a LONG time since i've updated this place. Oopsy sorry everyone! lol i'll try to keep on track more in the future :) IT's been in the 100s (105F monday...same on Tuesday...103F Wed...) all last week and coming BACK to the 100s this week after that shower ~_~ The rain was sooo heavy with the lightning and thunder that i didn't want to risk going on the computer and have the lightning destroy it >.<

So...wat have i been up to all this time...hm...lots of stuff really but right now...

NEW UPDATES in the News section and Pic sections!


August 1, 2007

Ahh...i'm giving that page a rest! O.o;;;; So yes...the rain has FINALLY stopped here and now it's bright....sunny...summery...and HOTTTTT @.@ Thankfully i had a neighborhood waterballoon fight XD so much fun. It was parents vs us and we totally got them soaked! Wow...i so want to have the new 12th japanese single of TVXQ!!! SUMMER!!! It's out today!!! Wahh!!!! *sad sad sad* I can't buy it yet ~_~;;; sad part about not livin in Aisa...*sigh* have to wait wait wait....

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July 30, 2007

Another rainy day :( ... i hope it stops soon cuz i get so droopy and gloomy when it rains.



July 29, 2007

Wahhh "Summer Dream" song....I feel so summery now!!! XD And the song's stuck in my head so i feel like dancing to it wahhh!!!!



July 28, 2007

Hm...I wonder if i should also start adding Super Junior stuff here too...their a nice band too! Twin (knock out) is a nice song from them... hm....I'll think on it. I still got a month before summer COMPLETELY ENDS for me and school starts. O.o but then again...that's still a short span of time....*gulp*

Ah yes...that reminds me one LAST thing...publishing...~_~;;; still an issue as u can tell by clicking on here *punches computer* talk about a bad bad bad computer! XP



July 27, 2007

Yes...I FINALLY got the this places' MAJORITY links up with stuff. Fiddled around a lot and tried many new things after my old web design system went "Bye bye~" with my old computer. O.o;;;



July 26, 2007

HI everyone! How's life? Mine's awesome!!! Okay so...this site is devoted to TVXQ. Not many people in the US that live around here have heard of TVXQ before and that also includes other Asian singers too.

Sad...yes... i know ~_~;;; So this site, as I have said, is devoted to TVXQ to explain and to tell people more about them!



July 1, 2007 

Wahh....talk about havin fun on the computer...I stayed up all night yesterday trying to figure out that new web program but to no avail...but at least i got the hang of it...just need to get the LAST step to work...PUBLISH!!! >.<


June 30, 2007

TVXQ is having their 2nd nationwide concert in Japan (FITB) wahhh...wish i was there...never been to a concert. After hearing that tickets sold out so fast...wow...2 minutes... now THAT'S wat I call a record!!!^^ TVXQ hwaiting!