Report Oil Field Odors

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To report possible oil field originating odors call 1-800-CUT-SMOG

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1. AQMD will not write up a nuisance violation unless they receive 6 calls from different households.
Create a phone tree with other nearby concerned neighbors. Then when you and they smell a noxious odor, put calls in to your contacts till you get a total of SIX (6) people who will immediately
register their complaints.

2. How to complain: Call AQMD @ 1-800-CUT-SMOG.
    • Leave your name and phone number and ask that they return your call and tell you how they handled the complaint.
    Ask that a Summa canister sample be taken at the time of inspection.
    • The inspector is supposed to contact person that filed the complaint and meet with them where the odor was detected.
    • Note the day and time you called whether voicemail or an operator took your call. Always get names and write them down.
    • If you do not get an answer within a week, please email or fax your log to CCSC at  We are compiling evidence to present.

3. When AQMD responds: Write down their comments as they speak to you. Note name of caller, their position, what they did, what instruments did they use for their inspection, etc. Politely ask hard driving questions, is the oil field operation responsible for the odor? Why or why not? Whom did you contact at
PXP?  What was the source of the emissions?

If you document all calls and we get the notes from all six (or more) in your group who reported the same incident, we can build a documented case of negligence or inadequate protection of the public and ask for an independent investigation.

Oil Field Odors Complaints Log