Competitive Exhibits

Competitive Exhibit Entries at the Cameron County Fair 

    Talented and hardworking people spend all year preparing their items for entry into the Open Class Department at the Cameron County Fair, held August 5-11 at the fairgrounds in Emporium.

    Judging is completed by persons who are qualified and experienced in a specific area. They're selected by the Competitive Exhibits chairperson and Cameron County Cooperative Extension office.

Open Class Exhibit Policy:

    Exhibitors are urged to thoroughly read the RULES AND REGULATIONS set forth in the official fair catalog. It is important that anyone submitting exhibits for this department follow rules and regulations. This will help to alleviate problems, such as time of entry and judging.

Making Your Entry

   Exhibits may be picked up any time after receiving the official fair catalog, available from the Cameron County Cooperative Extension office, Chamber of Commerce. Entries must be submitted on the Official Entry Blank only. A separate entry form must be submitted for each department entered (if extra blanks are necessary they can be picked up at the fair office, copied or printed directly from this web page (Form Link).  Mail completed entries to Cameron County Fair Association Fair Entry, P.O. Box 345,Emporium, PA 15834  by  July 31.

Department 8: 


Department 10


Department 11


Department 12 

Hays & Grains

Department 13


Department 14

Fruits & Nuts

Department 15

Special Contest Home & Dairy Products (Baked Goods)

Department 15

Home & Dairy Products

Department 16

Christmas trees 

Department 17

Floral Exhibits 

Department 18


Department 19

 Art, Photography, Crafts

Department 20

Group Exhibits

Department 21

Homemade Wines

Department 22

Major Contests

Department 23

Apiary Products and Maple Products 

Department 24

Antique Farm & Lumbering Equipment