Food Preservation

ALL vegetables, except tomatoes, should be canned in a pressure canner. Check your canner yearly to make sure the gasket makes a good seal, if your model has one.

Tomatoes, because of their borderline acid content, should be acidified by adding 2 tablespoons of bottled lemon juice per quart container. You can then process them in a boiling water bath canner for 45 minutes.

WILD GAME - from sport fishing and hunting can also be safely canned in a pressure canner using up-to-date timetables for processing. These can be found by clicking on the National Center for Home Food Preservation website in the top left corner.

JAMS & JELLIES - should be sealed in approved canning jars with 2-piece lids and processed in a boiling water bath canner. DO NOT invert jars and DO NOT use paraffin as a permanent sealant.

BEFORE FREEZING - be sure to follow approved timetables for blanching vegetables in water. After blanching, chill the food rapidly in an ice bath before packaging in freezer containers or freezer approved bags. When packing foods, exhaust as much air as possible, but still allow headspace for expansion.

We have many food preservation fact sheets for your convenience. Please call our office to have them mailed directly to you. (607) 535-7161.