CcdPix SoftWare
Getting Started

 Operational Screen



Software Specs   

Modes: LapseTime and Manual

Actions: Focus and Shutter

LapseT: 5sec to 60min

Shutter: Normal  or   BuLb 2seconds  to 15min

FocusDwell: 0.5 to 3sec

KeepAlive: CameraZ

KeepAlive: iPAQ

Battery: iPAQ %

ShutOps: InLapseT 9999+

Sound: Actions

Screen: Colors x3

Status: Current Op

Port: Select


SoftWare Revs

Aug08       V1.1.1

Sep08        V1.1.2

Jun09        V1.1.3










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In order to run Visual Basic programs "MS VB runtime for PPC" will need to be already loaded on your PPC.  The version I have used is  If  not already installed then its still available on the net at a few sites.  Here's one link to download the file:

DownLoad Ver4 Runtime for PPC

 The .cab needs to be transferred to the temp directory on the PPC and run.  NB You may already have another version on your PPC, so as ever, its worth trying CcdPix before installing another version and perhaps causing problems with an existing program.

Some of the  HP  iPAQs do not have serial (rs232) connectivity, CcdPix cannot be used on these units.

To Install: DownLoad the zip to the PC, unzip to 'temp' dir  and run setup.exe. Follow the prompts. 

Joe ..............Aug 08  


CcdPix  --> EOS DSLR

Note:  If  Pics Display incorrectly,  click on 'titles'

CcdPix -> DigiCam via Remote Cord


CcdPix -> EOS via supplied iPAQ Cradle