Thought for the week is from Rev Edgar Ogston, Minister of North West Lochaber.

This week’s “Thought” is from the Rev Edgar Ogston, Minister of North West Lochaber.


Many of us live near the sea and when you wander along a local beach one can make interesting discoveries when you look at what has been washed in by the sea.


However, residents on the small island of Langeoog off the North Sea coast of Germany experienced a great surprise a few weeks ago. The island has a long sandy beach and thousands of coloured plastic eggs were washed ashore. Local children were allowed to go investigate the eggs, which were found to have toys inside much to the children's delight although the notes inside the eggs were in Russian and no one could read them!  But where did these mysterious eggs come from? Local police forces "suspect the eggs came from a freighter that lost part of its cargo during an intense storm".


Not everything about this surprise from the sea proved to be fun and games, however. The local mayor, said, "At first I thought this was a wonder, because everything was so colourful and so on, but then we realized that this is a huge mess in the end." Local people of all ages worked together to clean up their beautiful beach.


In the end the eggs were quite harmless and brought a bit of fun but in life the things that sparkle with colour and delight and promise may lead us seriously astray. We all face temptations in life and it is easy to wander down roads which we should never have taken. If we are not careful then the things that seemed like fun can turn out to be very dangerous. 


Unlike the mixed blessing of eggs from the sea James (1:17) tells us about God's goodness. "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights."  God's gifts can be relied upon.