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Academic Search Premier

Finding an Article in Academic Search Premier
Looking for articles for your research assignment? Academic Search Premier is a large database containing the full text of thousands of magazines, journals, newspapers, and other publications. It also contains the abstracts and indexing for thousands more. Because Academic Search Premier covers a wide range of subject areas, it is often one of the best places to begin your research.

Getting to Academic Search Premier: 
  1. Go to the library homepage (http://www.carteret.edu/library) 
  2. Select NC LIVE from the list of Research Tools 
  3. Enter your NC LIVE password (NOTE: if you need a password, call us at 252-222-6213 or email: library@carteret.edu) 
  4. Select the “Browse Resources” tab; select “alphabetic” 
  5. Select Academic Search Premier

Before beginning your search, consider:

  • Full text limiter (recommended). 
    Databases like Academic Search Premier often include both full text and abstract only records. When you only want to search for full text content, be sure to check this box.

  • Search Box. 
    This is where you search. To successfully search in Academic Search Premier, you'll want to keep a few things in mind. If your search terms don’t seem to be working well, have a look at the subject thesaurus on the search returns page. Try alternate wordings, or use the Subject Terms tool at the top of the page. Also, take advantage of Boolean operators.

You can search multiple concepts at once (violence AND video games), search either of two terms (video games OR computer games), even exclude terms (bigfoot NOT truck).

  • Boolean Operators
    Boolean Operators allow you to construct more powerful searches. Some of the most useful:

AND     Example: violence AND video games Search results will include all records that include both keywords
OR       Example: violence OR video games Search results will include any records including either keyword
NOT     Example: violence NOT video games Search results will include only records that contain the first keyword, but not the second

* Example: president* Truncation will search all possible endings to a word (in this example, president, presidential, presidents, etc.)
“” Example: “New Mexico” Search results will include only records with that exact word order.

  • Publication date. 
    Only want articles written after 2004? Only want articles from the 1980’s? Select the date range here. Be sure to click “Update Results” when you’re done.
  • Citing your Sources
    Academic Search Premier makes it easy to properly cite your sources. Once you’re on the item record page, click on the gold citation icon to see the full citation in several formats, including MLA and ALA.

    Emailing yourself an article is a great way to keep track of your research. It's also a great way to keep track of your citations. Be sure to select the correct citation format for your project.

  • Advanced Searching
    Only want to search for articles by a certain author? Just want articles with a particular word or phrase in the title? Advanced Search lets you choose which fields to search. Just select “advanced search” on the main search page and click on the “Select a Field” drop menu. Search multiple fields at once for even more powerful searches.

Selecting Articles