CCCP 2015 Spring Saturday Academy

Hello CCCP Scholars,

    The Spring Saturday Academy is coming. The Center for Community College Partnerships brings you the much-awaited “Spring Saturday Academy: Social TransfErmation” which will be held on the 18th of April, 2015. The Spring Academy will focus on Scholastic Activism, bringing forth social change through our involvement in the community, our families, and our academic communities, among many others. We will delve deeper into how we can affect positive social change through our daily actions, research, education, and many other innate facets of being a student. In addition, there will be panels that will challenge you to think about your future in academia. This will be the last Saturday Academy for 2014-2015. This academy will be open to non-scholars as well, so tell your friends in community college about us! Who knows, they might be a part of our cohort for the next academic year.  

    Registration will start at 8:00am in front of Rolfe 1200. Take note that the venue is different from the Fall and Winter academies so please review the attached map. During registration, you will receive your agenda for the day. The main lecture hall will be in Rolfe 1200. Some workshops will be held in the most instagram-ed building in Los Angeles, the famous Royce Hall. Thus, we suggest that you bring your phones fully charged if you are planning to snapchat or take a picture of UCLA's grand architecture! (Just like the previous academies, will have ushers who will guide you from one room to another.) 

    Remember, the event will begin promptly at 8:50am

Please RSVP by following this link: 

    We highly encourage everyone to RSVP by the 14th of April, 2015.    

    The duration of the event is long so please plan accordingly. Visitor parking (pay-by-space) is available in Lots 3 and 5. See for more details.  

Thank You
CCCP Family!