Previous Phi Theta Kappa Officers

Officer's Note: 

As a Historian I know it's important to keep track of important dates, people and events.  That is why I have created this page. I feel that this page honors those who have served as previous officers. Also I think it would be helpful for new officers, that way they can e-mail past officers and ask questions.

You can e-mail them with our general e-mail address:

Like they say " Once a Phi Theta Kappa member, always a Phi Theta Kappa Member!"

Thank you,
Vivian Badoni
2011-recent Historian & Public Relations Officer

Current Officers

2011-2012 Officers
President - Cathleen Goodell
Vice President of Leadership - Kelly Miller
Vice President of Fellowship - Maria Cool(2011)/Jai (Summer of 2011)
Vice President of Scholarship - Eli Todd
Vice President of Service - Maria Cool (Fall 2011)/  Kerry Cornish (Late Fall 2011- Spring 2012)
Fundraiser Coordinator - Julie Drinkard
Secretary/ Treasurer - Stacie Bittner (spring 2011- early fall 2011), Emily (spring to summer 2012)

President- Dustin Badoni
Vice President of Leadership - Cathleen Goodell
Vice President of Fellowship/ Public Relations - Dee Dee Cookston
Vice President of Service - Scott Cookston
Recording Officer/ Vice President of Scholarship - Bonnie Depew