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Australian Hockey Tour Training


Tuesday 31st

Training CCC

7:30 to 9:30 pm


Monday 30th

3 to 5 pm CCC


Sunday July 29th     

Training CCC

7:30 to 9.30 pm


Sunday july 8th

Training CCC

8 to 9:30

Hydration for Hockey

What are hydration and dehydration?

Hydration is the proportion of body mass made up of water. The human body consists of approximately between 50-60% water, and to keep this balance, regular fluid intake is required. Dehydration occurs when the body has lost more than 2% of its total mass. The body loses fluids during its normal functioning, and mostly, through the lungs as water vapour, through the kidneys as urine, and through the skin as sweat.

When is dehydration most likely to occur?

Dehydration is most likely to occur when the body is exposed to hot or humid environments, and during strenuous activity. If you are playing hockey in very hot and/or humid weather conditions it is very important to stay properly hydrated.

How can I tell if I my body is becoming dehydrated?

If you body exhibits any of the symptoms listed below it may be becoming dehydrated:



Decreased urine volume and darker in colour

Loss of appetite

Dry skin


Dizziness when standing up

Flushing (red face)

Reduced endurance

Increased heart rate

Elevated body temperature

Rapid onset of fatigue

How do I keep my body hydrated for playing hockey?

Drink fluids containing electrolytes, such as sports drinks, as this increases the rate of fluid absorption into the body.

Avoid consuming food or drinks containing caffeine and/or alcohol as this increases urine production.

Ensure that you drink plenty of fluid before, during, and after training or playing a game. The amount of fluids required will depend on your body mass, the temperature/humidity, and length and intensity of a training session or game.

If possible conduct the warm-up, cool-down, and half-time team talk in a shaded area.

If you are a substitute and therefore on the side lines, try to be positioned in a shaded area, and if this is not possible wear a hat.

Place drink bottles around the area you are playing or training so you can take on fluids during any breaks in the game or session.

How much should I be drinking to stay hydrated when playing hockey?

Before hockey – approximately 500-1000ml in the two hours prior to a training session or game.

During hockey – approximately 600-1000ml per hour whilst participating in a training session or game.

After hockey – approximately 500-1000ml in the 30-60 minutes following a training session or game.